Cozy Sweater and Book Season

It’s sweater weather in Dubai, you can’t help but want to dress as cozy as possible with a cuppa coffee and a good book to read.

Nothing makes reading perfect with the right ambiance, even if you’re reading a book on the go, the place you sit and the weather surely enhance your reading experience.

I was going through some good books to read and came across a book I needed to catch up on, a lovely book I had received as a gift for my birthday by Olay Arabia.

Beyond Beautiful by Dr. Doris Day. This is a pretty impressive book to read, though I’m not a book worm certain books inspire me, and Beyond Beautiful is one of those books every woman should get hold of.

Did you know that your mind is as important as any aesthetic treatment to improve the way you look?ย Beyond Beautifulย will teach you how to improve your self-perception, explain breakthrough treatments and products and when to use them, and give you a roadmap to become the most youthful, natural-looking, beautiful version of yourself!

This book is a personal, beautifully written life guide with anecdotes all women can relate to Doris, an expert in her field, she describes these techniques beautifully, but mostly writes about how women can deal with grief and all life throws at us with wisdom, mindfulness, and other non-medical techniques she uses herself.

A beauty guidebook with soul. Beautifully written, personal account of “how we age” – with dignity, health, mindfulness, attitude, and integrity – as well as smooth skin. Dr. Day takes the confusion out of skin-smoothing dermatologist treatments. She also writes about dealing with grief, how diet impacts aging, preventing hair loss, and makeup application for all ages. She devotes a chapter to cultivating beauty that shines from within through mindfulness!ย 

Outfit Details – Inspired by the book

Heart-Shaped Fluffy Chain Bag

Cable Knit Raglan Sleeved Sweater

Mesh Pleated Skirt

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