Valentines Day Outfit – Girly

“There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved.”

– George Sand, Author

It might surprise some to know that one of my favorite holidays is Valentine’s Day. I’m not typically a mushy, gushy, love person, but I have come to adore the day that some call silly, commercial, and superficial. 

The exchange of valentines, or written expressions of love, began in the 1500s. The tradition remains popular today. Valentine cards usually include images of hearts, flowers, or Cupid, the Roman god of love and desire. The cards also often include poems. Valentine’s Day is not only for romance. It can also be a day to celebrate the love of family and friends.

Valentine’s day was a memorable event in our home, my mom was obsessed with Valentine’s day, we had everything red that day and decorated our rooms in red, it was a fun event. A day to ‘Remember’ to cherish our loved ones.

Since I was a kid, I’ve been a little in love with Valentine’s Day and all it entails. Maybe it was also because of the school events and the chance to gift cards and presents for my classmates. It could’ve also had something to do with the fact that the holiday prominently features red, one of my favorite colors. Whatever it was, I’ve been hooked on Valentine’s Day since childhood, and I haven’t let it go since.

I recognize that Valentine’s Day is much more commercialized than it is about love or friendship or any of those warm feelings that it should be, yet I still celebrate the holiday with all my heart, when I was single and now married, and here’s why:

It’s not every day that I slow down and appreciate just how amazing it is to be loved and above all to love myself.

I am—and that’s something I’m happy to do every single year, just to remind of all the things I love and cherish.

I love a good theme, and Valentine’s Day is no exception.

On the big day, I rock as much red or heart-themed apparel as I can (stylishly, of course). As you can see styled here my outfit from @sheincurve gives the perfect valentine vibe!

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Red Beret Hat
ID – 6769272

Drawstring cute bucket bag
ID – 3234739

Red Mesh Skirt
ID – 5076732

Bow Stiletto Pumps
ID – 7244232

Heart Pattern Drop Shoulder Cardigan
ID – 7752587

Enjoy Valentines Day with your loved ones!

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