Non-Traditional Christmas Trees

It’s December already! Christmas vibes all over, from Christmas Movies, songs even restaurants theming themselves to Christmas!

The best part of Christmas is setting the tree up, whether your a traditionalist or a modernist, everyone has their own way of setting their Christmas trees, whether their following a family tradition, or wanting to break tradition and make the festive decorations a bit more modern and a bit more stylish.

For those who prefer non-traditional Christmas trees, here are a few creative Christmas tree setups that will definitely impress your family and friends!


A family picture Tree

For those of you who want to make Christmas all about family, what better way than to showcase all your loved ones in a form of a Christmas tree, this project doesn’t take space and perfect for all the photographers out there!

Book Stack Chrismas Tree

This is the perfect tree for all the bookworms out there! what better way than to showcase your book collection with a Christmas vibe! light them up to create the most magical Book tree! This also would make a great Christmas decor for your home!

BlackBoard Tree

xmas 3

This would be the perfect setup for a school, homeschool or even restaurants. This creative alternative to a tree is space-saving and lets you be more creative to play with your designs, these woolen tassels are just adorable!

PVC Pipe Christmas Tree


Who knew PVC Pipes would make such a creative and adorable wall mounted tree!
This makes a stylish setup and what’s even more awesome about this is you can showcase cute little Christmas decors in them!

Beautiful Mannequin Tree


This beautiful feminine tree would make it perfect for all the fashionistas out there and boutiques! This beautiful piece can bring the inner designer in you, and design your very own tree gown! I’m in love with this! perfect for Christmas wedding decors as well!

I hope these non-traditional tree ideas help and give you inspiration for your Chrismas decorating! Merry Christmas Everyone!

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