Review – Gabrielle RTW Collection – Levana Eidlisz

gabrielle rtw collection.jpg

As most of you were maybe aware I recently attended the prestigious World Fashion Festival, months before the event took place I was quite stressed deciding my outfits which designer and brand I’d be wearing.

As you all know I’m a big modest fashion advocate, for a big girl like me its not always easy to get couture designers to create a custom. The main focus for my Instamagazine is to promote body positivity and modest fashion specifically showcasing fashion designers that support these causes.


I was lucky Levana Eidlisz a US-based fashion designer wanted to create a gown for me and As you can see through my pictures it was the perfect dress. We both had a similar taste in fashion and above all our focus on Modest Fashion.

levana-19 (1)
GMSS20-19 Sarah

Levana was a professional designer, she started off with paying attention to every little detail from getting to know my personality, my likes, dislikes about the event and much more. After which I had to provide my measurements in a very detailed form.

She sketched the gown customized it.for my liking and comfort. Levana also ensured the gown arrived in time days before the event.

What I loved about the gown was the frilled sleeves and the pearl details on my arms. It was a simple yet glamorous gown and the best part was the gown was very classic Hollywood!

Levana was kind, humble, patient and above all professional. Thank you, Levana for this beautiful gown!

2019-10-20-13-44-30-485_mr1571564735220 (1)

Make sure to check out her collection.

Her designs are beautiful, classic, modest and feminine! Just the way I love it!

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