5 ways to Spring/Summer Clean your smartphone


When it comes to smartphones most of us treat our phones as an essential extra limb, so there’s nothing more annoying than when it lags, crashes, or won’t charge well. This can be highly frustrating and makes us want to buy a new mobile phone, don’t rush yet!

Your smartphone may just need a little refreshing and updating! Instead of only focusing on Summer cleaning your Home, how about doing a little summer-cleaning on your smartphone?

Phones can easily accumulate a lot of junk from downloads, apps, pictures, videos, music, etc. Some summer-cleaning, with a bit of attention to what’s on your phone and how those apps are performing, can help cut the clutter and put the spring back in your smartphone’s step.

Being proactive and paying attention to your phone’s performance can go a long way. While the summer-cleaning season is a good time to assess your phone’s efficiency, it never hurts to routinely check and declutter your phone throughout the year.

For instance, if you love to take pictures and capture videos, your phone might run out of storage faster than others, And if your device warns you that you’re low on storage, don’t ignore it. It’s better to address the problem head-on than to ignore and repeatedly deal with it.

So here are some things you can do to clean your phone and keep it working like new, according to experts:

  1. Consider to copy photo’s or video’s that are 1GB to another storage space so you can delete them and free up a lot of space,”  iCloud works the smoothest with iPhones, but Google Photos offers free unlimited storage for images if you don’t want to pay for a plan.
  2. Check and take inventory of apps on your smartphone, get rid of apps that your not using. Instead of deleting these unnecessary apps, make you to uninstall them completely to give you more space on your phone.
  3. Organize your apps, make sure to add your most frequently used apps onto your homepage, you can even compress your apps into folders and categorizing them. Such as:
    Game apps under  – Game Folder
    Bank/Finance apps under – Finance
    Art/Graphic apps under – Graphics
  4. Make sure your phone is updated, ensure to always run the updated software on your phone whenever notified, this way Not only will your phone get the latest in security and bug fixes, but it will also integrate new and helpful features, offering you a better experience with your cell phone.
  5. Clear your cached data on  your phone, the more you spend time online, the more sizable the cache.” This, in turn, will slow down your phone.
    Android can vary but in
    – Samsung phones click Settings ->Apps-> Storage – Clear Cache
    – Settings > Safari and tap Clear History and Data.

Keeping your phone healthy is all about being proactive and responsible. Whether you’re in need of a good spring/summer-clean or experiencing slower speeds throughout the year, these tips are easy and will keep your phone running like new!

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and give your phones some much deserved TLC!

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