My current summer favorites

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Now that summer has arrived, everything gets transitioned at my place. Be it clothes, food, makeup, and even skincare.

I’ve collated a few summer favorites of mine, which I think is worth considering to add to your collection or beauty regime!



Kiehl’s who have launched “Love Oil” For Lips, a lightweight formula infused with lip-loving ingredients like Coconut Oil, Moringa Oil and Acerola Cherry Extract. The best part? There are four pigmented options to tint your lips with glossy color, so you won’t have to sacrifice your love for pigment.

Garnier – Ultra Doux (Avocado Oil & Shea Butter)


I’ve recently been introduced to the Garnier Ultra Doux (Avocado Oil and Shea Butter) This range consists of shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in cream to fully nourish your dry and frizzy hair. I would highly recommend these products to manage your hair, if you have curly, troubled and frizzy hair these products would definitely help you tame your mane!



Vichy have introduced their Ideal Soleil range this summer which adds high UV filter protection to a range of sun care products that are designed for different types of skin which means that you can find an SPF product to suit your skin rather than just picking a generic sunscreen that does not cater to your skin type.

In fact, this product was recommended by my dermatologist and I must say I’m loving this product, its matte and not greasy with a dry touch which helps especially for acne prone skin.


When it comes to a summery eye shadow palette, I must say I’m loving the Sponjac Trouble Palette, this has the most practical summer shades that can actually be used!
With all the commercial palettes and brands making waves and priced to hit the ceiling, Sponjac is a humble brand that definitely caters to all, and the best part is how affordable the range is.

Check out their collection here

Pretty by Flormar (Quartet Eyeshadow & Matte Duo Blush)

I’ve been recently loving the Pretty by Flormar collection, and my favorites pieces are the Quartet Eyeshadow and the Matte Duo Blush in Pink and Peach, making it the perfect pair for summer!


Hope you find these useful! Happy Summering!

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