90’s trend making a comeback


You know when they say ‘what goes around comes around I don’t think it’s just Karma, I think it perfectly fits to describe the cycle of fashion, Fashion trends that were once considered highly fashionable with times fade off and out of the scene. But these very fashion trends are now reborn and worn years later. Now less than 20 years later, fashion that was once considered cool is considered fashionable again!

Fashion in the 90s was very youthful and carefree styles, from grunge to minimalist looks were the main trend back in the 90s. Model Kate Moss was making waves back then and almost everyone wanted to copy her “Too cool to care look” style, and Britney Spears made the “Sexy school girl” trend.

Celebrities were the style icons of the 90s, from music bands to actors every outfit was copied and recreated and each of them celebrated their own individuality.

I could go on and on about the 90s, brings back such great memories, and only happier to know that 90s fashion is definitely making a comeback!

So go ahead and embrace those chokers, scrunchies, and berry lips, here are a few ways you can relive the 90s fashion in 2017!


90’s hairstyles were anything from boring, Youthful, and playful. The 90s gave birth to several iconic hairstyles such as Rachel from Friends!

Here are a few styles trending on the catwalk.


The 90’s makeup was very playful and carefree, from the Kate Moss opaque glossy lips, to Drew Barry’s berry lips and metallic eyeshadows, makeup was all about fun and minimalism with a too cool to care attitude, here are a few looks trending.


It’s great to know that backpacks are back, there was a must-have for every girl in the 90s, it was cool to hang them on your shoulders, though I see the current trend is carrying them in your hands as well.


The grunge movement in the 90s created an army of men and women wearing heavy-duty and tough looking, these would be funkily paired with a slip dress, flannel shirt, or frayed jeans.



Every girl in the 90s had to own a choker necklace, it went with every dress they wore, now popular icons such as Bella Haddad and Kendall Jenner are rocking their choker necklace.


Now to wear your 90s fashion outfit, you must remix the outfits so they can be more relevant to today’s culture. Instead of copying exact looks try and be more creative, and recreate the looks in a more modern and updated way.

Make sure your looks capture the “Too cool to care” attitude of the 90s and remix the outfit with the current trends for a fresh look.

You can, for instance, blend classic 90s pieces like a choker into your everyday wardrobe, or with a flannel shirt and skinny jeans, just go light on the grunge effect to balance with a sleek and polished look.


Just have fun pairing your outfit, and feel youthful and carefree like the 90s!

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