90’s mini-backpack style tips 🎒

90's Mini backpack

As a 90s girl its always a great feeling to see the 90s trend making a comeback, especially my favorite mini -backpack!  The Backpack trend had inspired a decade of girl’s fashion and made the backpack a must-have in every 90s fashionista’s closet.

The mini backpack could not have made its comeback at a better time, especially for traveling, shopping or rocking out at festivals. It’s such a simple yet chic accessory to store belongings, and it eliminates the hassle of toting around an oversized bag.

Ideal Outfits for Back Packs

If you have a backpack and are not sure what to wear, remember your look should not be too formal, avoid wearing it with too elaborate an outfit like a full suit or a formal dress. Instead, pair it with a semi-casual look, or if you do decide to wear casual make sure your footwear or accessories are formal.

3 ways to wear a backpack

  1. Use both straps and hang on single shoulder
  2. Single straps on both shoulders (School bag style)
  3. Use as a single strap and use it across your body like a messenger bag

How to accessorize or customize your backpack

Back in the days, I loved to decorate my backpack with keyrings, badges, and whatever else I could find. As an adult, there are other ways to “customize” it in a much more elegant way, such as by having it monogrammed. You can also hang a keychain on it, but just pick one and make sure it fits with your age and outfit.

I’ve been sent a really cute leather mini-backpack by Lifestyle Gulf called the ‘Bagg-It”

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