Interview with Fashion Designer Kelly Ng (Kelly Ng Couture) πŸŽ™

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1. So what sparked your interest in Fashion?

When I was 13 years I was a professional calligrapher and I had my very first Asian tour exhibition and then when I grew older I felt calligraphy wasn’t practical, yes it would be ideal for artworks such as hanging on the walls, but I wasn’t going anywhere with this. I then found a new interest in fashion, where not only it was practical for me but it was interesting and glamorous.

As a creative person who appreciates art, Fashion was a new found passion where I could combine different colours and different fabrics to create something beautiful and plus it was something that wasn’t very time consuming compared to other fields, it doesn’t take forever to create an outfit, even if the outfit was of an haute couture in a matter of months the outfit can be designed. This was definitely something I had a strong passion for.

2. So are you self-taught or did you study Fashion designing?

I did study fashion designing in one of the prestigious institutions in at Bunka University in Tokyo, which is one of the top 4 Fashion universities in the world. I was one of the top students with a GPF 4. After my first year at the university, I got my scholarship for 5 years until I graduated.

3. When was your brand established?

My brand was established the last year 2017, I’m a newbie in the industry and still trying to learn and better myself and aim to get my brand noticed and recognized internationally.

4. How has your work evolved since you began your own label?

Honestly, I like to keep pushing myself and keep learning, Whilst I was at university I would always like to go visit high-end stores and try on their outfits and try to study the cuts and feel the fabric, also in the fitting room I would see how they sew, the craftsmanship so I can improve myself and get to that level of professionalism.

5. How has your brand been received internationally?

We are trying to explore markets in the US, middle east, and London, we actually have an online store in the US and Hollywood celebrities such as Alison Janney had originally wanted to wear my design for the Golden Globes and also for the Oscars but unfortunately, due to the time constraints and fitting issues for one of the Swarovski gowns, we didn’t have enough time to complete the outfit.Β  So yes my brand is also known by Hollywood celebs.

6. What Influences the design details in your outfits?

Most of my designs are inspired by nature whether floral prints and style and also my latest collection are inspired by starry nights where you will see the use of sequins inspired by the stars in the sky.

7. What is the biggest lesson you learned since you started your brand?

No matter what hardship I went through I always keep pushing myself and keep pushing through barriers and never stop. Since I’m a newbie there is still a lot for me to learn and I believe all mistakes made is a lesson learned.

8. What advise would you give to young fashion designers out there?

Always stay humble, when I tried to hire people in Toronto, I met a couple of fashion graduates who thought there were superior to others, praising themselves etc
but when you see their work its nothing as great as they say it to be. So my advice is please be humble be down to earth just because your a fashion designer does
not mean you need to be arrogant or rude to people. Let your work speak for itself. What I love about my team is the support and how much we all want to keep learning
and grow together.

9. What is your motto in life?

Everything is possible, nothing is impossible in life once you set your mind and heart to your goal you can achieve anything in life.


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