Cleaning is good for you. πŸ’–

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Isn’t it just great to have a clean, fresh home? The smell of a clean house is such a blissful feeling! it’s actually a necessity for good mental and physical health.

I know it can be hard, it can be gross and it can be time consuming  for some, but contrary to popular belief, cleaning can be highly meditative and a destresser. Though most people don’t have the time and hire professional cleaners and helpers, this is understandable if their pregnant, unwell, or unable to do in general.

But when most women say, that because they’re career women they don’t have the time to clean, this is not something I agree with. Being a career woman myself I was able to cook and clean despite having to go to work the next day. Though this may seem impossible and you wouldn’t even want to bother, just remember its all about planning and prioritizing, just the way you do at work, you need to implement the same principle in your home as well.

Have you ever wondered, how our mom’s managed to be super moms by been able to do just about everything? My mom was, she was a super mom, who juggled between career, taking care of her family, cooking, cleaning you name it she could do everything! This inspired me as a kid and I always wanted to be her when I grew up.

What I learned as a kid when I saw mom do all the work…

  • Respect her more, when I saw how much effort she put in taking care of us, doing everything for us made me realize what a great mom she is and learned to respect how she did everything without complaining.
  • Value family, by her showing how important we were and how much she was willing to sacrifice for us, by making sure we all were fed, taken care of despite her been a career woman, I learned how important my family was, and how important it was to take care of each other.
  • The joy of getting things done, cooked, made by your mom’s loving hands, it was such a pride for me as a kid, my mom would pack me cute little lunch baskets, sometimes she even made the effort to put a little doll, or put a pink napkin just to make my day, and I remember I was the envy of my class, I had kids telling me “Your so lucky your mom does this for you”. This made me feel special.
  • Closer to her, since she did everything I always felt this attachment with her, the bonding was strong, the love is strong.
  • How my dad valued her, my dad loved her cooking, and through this, I learned how important it was to feed your man, no matter what issues or arguments they had he would always want to eat her food and bond with her, and always appreciated her cooking and taking care of us. Her golden advice to me on my wedding day was “Feed your man, they will bond and love you for this and the best way to make him want you” this stuck to me till date.

Now that I’m a woman,  I am blogging about my mother and letting the world know how much I appreciated all her work, dedication and love to us. (This is what I would wish I could achieve with my future children, that they grow up and appreciate all the things I’ve done with pride)

My husband loves my cooking, appreciates me and admires my work to his friends and colleagues. (The glow in his face when he sees me cook or clean is just priceless) for a man its inbuilt in their genes to love their partner for 3 things, 1. Food 2. Love 3. Take care of his home and family. I may sound old school, but this advice will help you and your marriage. As a career woman turned blogger, I can confidently tell you I am in a loving and successful marriage because of this. You are in no way lower to a man, or beneath him for this, infact you will be cherished and admired for all your effort.

Now let’s talk about the benefits of cleaning your home.

1. Burns calories, though you may feel cleaning your home may not be an actual workout, research shows that you actually burn 200 calories an hour while cleaning for 30 minutes.

  • Moving furniture — 225 calories
  • Scrubbing floors — 189 calories
  • Raking leaves — 171 calories
  • Gardening — 169 calories
  • Mowing the lawn — 162 calories
  • Washing the car — 153 calories
  • Cleaning windows — 153 calories

2. Lowers your stress levels, living in a clean and clutter-free home gives you such a good feeling, this helps you feel relaxed, by reducing your stress and anxiety levels.  A recent study from British Journal of Sports Medicine, twenty minutes of cleaning activity reduces anxiety and stress by as much as 20 percent.

3. Anger Management, we all feel anger at times, what better way than to vent your frustration on cleaning and getting rid of dust and bacteria from your home, this will prevent you from lashing out on your partner of loved ones and help you focus this negative energy for the right reasons.

4. Improves Concentration, a cluttered and messy home affects our concentration levels, it distracts your thoughts, and as per Feng Shui mess with your energy levels. Once you clean your home and declutter, you will notice how vibrant your energy levels will be and how focused you will feel.

5. Prevents Infection, by cleaning you are getting rid of bacteria from your home, by using disinfectants, you will be disinfecting your toilets, kitchen and other areas of your home, this way you can assure you and your family stays safe.

Now that you should be convinced of these benefits, this is how you can get started.

As I said, it’s all about prioritizing, that’s a keyword I learned from work, don’t always focus on the things you don’t have to do or could be set to do later. Focus on the quick fixes, it’s all about discipline and timing. If you prioritize well, you would have enough time to pamper yourself or do anything you wish.

I was not only able to be a career woman, I juggled between doing my postgraduate degree, working, cooking, cleaning and taking care of my husband. And I still feel that I’m not as good as my mom. But I know, I’ll get there.

To help you plan better, I’ve created some guidelines and checklists to help prioritize and organize your work.

These are free for you to download!

Guideline and checklist for Cleaning

CleanChecklist (1)

Generic checklist planner 

Daily planner

Meal Planner (That I personally Use and stick on my fridge)

meal planner

Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts about this, comment below also share with me what you loved about your mom, what did she do to make you feel special? Share with us!

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  1. I truely value your hard work and all your support. And yes I agree to all you mentioned there, thanks for being such a wonderful person. Keep up hun

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