Ikea Haul! 🛍


It has been a while since I’ve visited Ikea, I think the last visit was 2 months ago. Visiting Ikea can be a fun time, it’s a wonderland of amazing stuff for your home. Browsing through their displays of amazing furniture and setup makes you crave for your dream home, Not sure about you guys, but every time I look at a setup especially a kitchen and home office, I always imagine myself being there and living that moment!


Such a great place for creativity as well, it’s more like a gallery of creativity at Ikea. Seeing how the Ikea designers make good use of their creativity into something durable, multipurpose, with a sustainable product design. That’s what makes Ikea different from others!

Having said that, I wanted to list the Ikea stuff we purchased. They are also having their part sale and a great Ramadan collection as well!

So what’s in my Ikea bag?


1.Brada Laptop Support (PINK)

Before Dhs 15 NOW – Dhs 11
(perfect for bloggers and students!) takes the strain off your wrist!
– A rubber strip on the underside keeps the laptop support firmly in place while you are working.
– Retaining edge keeps the laptop in place.
– You sit comfortably with the screen at eye level thanks to the tilted surface.


2. Doftklint shower curtain

Dhs 29
Painted shapes and patterns adding a vibrant and element of fun to your showers!


3. RYET LED Bulb 600 Lumen

Before Dhs 39 NOW – Dhs 29 (2pack)

The LED light source consumes up to 85% less energy and lasts 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
Energy Efficient!


4. Dinera Mugs

Pearly Pink and Pearly white
Dhs 5 each

Simple shaped, with muted colors and matt glaze, these mugs give a rustic feel. Ideal for coffee and tea times! and hot chocolate!


5. SVAMPIG sponge (Grey and White)

Dhs 3 per pack

Two sponges in one – use the soft side of the sponge as a dish-cloth and the coarse
side for tougher stains that need more vigorous cleaning.

6. Peeler

Dhs 5

Ideal for peeling potatoes and veggies, dishwasher safe, ABS Plastic and stainless steel blades

7. Speciell Turner (Black)

Dhs 3

Kind to pots and pans and does not scrape the surface, Dishwasher-safe.
Withstands temperatures up to 220°C.


8. Glimma unscented tea lights /100 pack

Dhs 15

Great for romantic nights, tub time and romantic dinners! Great decor material.

9. Lugga scented candle

Before Dhs 12 NOW – Dhs 9

Candlecup: Glass
Candle: Paraffin/vegetable wax

Creates atmosphere with a pleasant scent of fresh linen and warm candlelight.
– The color of the candle is clearly visible and the candlelight spreads in a beautiful way through the softly rounded glass.
– The candle has the same beautiful color during its entire burn time because it is colored through.
– Keeping the lid on when the candle is unlit preserves the scent longer.
– When the candle has burnt itself out the glass with lid can be used as a storage jar for small things.


10. Koncis Can opener

Dhs 19

Stainless steel, great quality.


11. Dryck Blabar (Blueberry Drink Concentrate)

Dhs 25

A yummy drink, dilute 1 part with 4 parts of water for a refreshing drink, refreshing summer drink and also ideal for Ramadan iftars!


They also were very innovative with their checkouts, they now have a self-scan express, this is a great service when you want to beat the crowd! You scan your own items and swipe your card to pay!

Also wanted to share the highlight of the store to me was the globe lamp! check out the boomerang clip

That’s it for this haul. Do you have any items from IKEA that you cannot live without? Tell us about them and let us know if you pick-up any of the ones mentioned above.

5 thoughts on “Ikea Haul! 🛍

  1. Looove Ikea! We renovated our kitchen, Well we gutted it and started fresh. Through Ikea. It is awesome. Got our bedroom furniture from there, and my office….. 🙂

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