Benefits of Vaseline ๐Ÿ˜Š


Vaseline used to always be lying around the house and itโ€™s only in winter I apply them to my cracked heels or my dry elbows. Recently I’ve been browsing on beauty tips on the net and noticed an article on Vaseline, its uses, and benefits. I was a bit skeptical about this since I always thought they were too thick and greasy to apply on my face. (I already have an oily skin).

I thought it would be a disaster to apply Vaseline on my skin. So I took a leap of faith and tried out Vaseline on my face. (I actually read this was Marilyn Monroe’s main skin care). I mean if Marilyn Monroe could have this on, why not me? ๐Ÿ™‚ lol

Anyways so I tried applying Vaseline under my eyes since I had a few dark circles due to lack of sleep, my eyelids, my lashes my eyebrows and on my laughing lines or where ever I thought I was prone to wrinkles. So this experiment went on for 2 weeks where I would do this every day without fail.

Guess what, it worked. Iโ€™m not kidding you, it did! Not only did it reduce my dark circles, my lashes grew longer my laughing lines were fading and I felt my eyelids were well moisturized.

I was so excited I greased my whole face with Vaseline before going to bed (mind you just a thin layer), and my skin was soft as a petal.

So with my further experiment, below are my Vaseline experiment results!

Benefits of Vaseline – Daily use

  1. Vaseline helps your lashes grow longer
  2. Helps moisture your dry skin
  3. Removes dark circles under eyes
  4. Helps smooth fingernails
  5. Prevents wrinkles (if used daily before going to bed)
  6. Helps heal minor wounds (not on freshly cut skin, apply the next day)
  7. Apply on shaved legs for softer skin
  8. Helps with rash & hemorrhoids (label your Vaseline for this use only and not to be shared)

Benefits of Vaseline –ย Beauty

  1. Can be used to make a lip gloss with your favorite lipstick or lip stain.
  2. Use a toothbrush to exfoliate your lips
  3. Substitute for beauty lotion
  4. Helps with split ends of your hair
  5. Dab on pulse point for lasting perfume fragrance
  6. Use on cheekbones as a highlighter or for a dewy look
  7. Groom eyebrows and eyelashes
  8. Use as a makeup remover, leaves your skin soft

I was so amazed at the results I even added this to my journal! lol

So here you go my proven results for Vaseline, and by the way this post is not sponsored by Vaseline.


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