Mood board- Blush, blue & Gold 💖

There’s something just so beautiful about certain colors, the feel, the emotion and the memory it brings. Some colors work so great together, their blend and uniqueness bring out a beautiful feel and mood.

The color theme of this week I choose is the Blush, Blue, and Gold. It’s a beautiful combination works well for home decors, wedding themes, table setting and even for makeup and fashion.

They say colors are a form of a non-verbal communication, it brings out an energy to each individual or a calming balance. It’s great to be able to learn the psychology behind the colors and especially to work together with colors to bring a peaceful or positive ambiance to your home or yourself.

The key meanings behind the colors

Blush –  Hope,  Romantic, Thoughtful, Mature, Caring, Tenderness, Good health, Calming, and Nurturing.

Gold Success, Abundance, Wealth, Self-worth, Charisma, Victory, Achievement and Elegance.

Blue Trust, Honesty, Loyalty, Spiritual, Tranquility, Peace, Calm, Wisdom, Authority, and Religion.

Learning the meaning behind each color brings a better understanding of the colors and better way to use them in your daily lives.

Here’s a few pictures collated from the internet, and the many uses of the combination of colors.


Table Decors

Elegance and Chic
Set your party table




Bedroom Decor

Living Room Decor



Click image to view the latest Stella & Dot collections.


Romantic Makeup

Ideal makeup for weddings.


And of course a beautiful color theme for weddings!

Hope you find these colors inspiring, and try them out for your next project!


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