My Elekta Tablet Experience.


In our ever evolving world of change, the plethora of things that are going online is just mind boggling. From grocery shopping to catching a cab! As a blogger to be able to have been connected to the world wide web in a constant motion of time is part of my day to day life. There are a lot of benefits in the online business. The benefits along with the advantages the internet provides us, be it education from enrolling in online colleges, to professional courses- the trend to offer significant advantages over attending traditional colleges caters to comfort and ease. Paying your bills has beaten the queues. One of our many blessings in life! The world wide web has definitely been a blessing to all along with cinema bookings !

Let us not forget about the online travel advantages, a dream vacation is now a click away, from booking a hotel, your tickets, it’s just so easy these days! There’s so much for the millennials (People with ending birth years ranging from the mid-1990s to early 2000s) , with all this technology around them, their so well versed it’s part of their daily lives and a norm, their schools, and colleges provide laptops instead of notebooks, how awesome is that? Laptops and then moving to iPad and tablets.

I see a lot of tablets these days, be it on technology news, techno stores or even hypermarkets. I’ve always wondered what would be the use of tablets when we have our laptops and IPads? As one new tablet PC announcement after another you see surfacing these days the curiosity builds in me until I was gifted an Elekta wifi tablet with a keypad case!

At first, I didn’t see why this would be a big deal and that why would I require to take a tablet when I have an iPad, was it the brand? Was it about all the hype about apple and Samsung products? Well, I put the tablet to test and started using it for my blogging , initially, I had planned to use this product only for browsing , but I started getting used to it and started to like it better. I noticed there were so many hidden benefits in this tablet.

The benefits of the product:


– Keypad and casing come with the tablet (this means a lot to me as a blogger.)
This is the most useful aspect of the tablet for me, as a blogger, I’m always researching, planning and most importantly typing. This can’t be done on an iPad, I need to purchase the keypad separately, which can be pricey. Secondly, This is portable, fits perfectly in my handbag, I can take this for my morning café trips, sip on my coffee pull out my tablet and open the case like a book and here it is, the keypad!! What more does a blogger want? To be able to express my creative individuality to the world! From anywhere!

– This is a Microsoft tablet
I know that sounds complicating, especially when your so used to the iPad and an android tablet, just to clarify for all you non-techie people out there, this is not an android tablet, the Microsoft and android are 2 different tablets. Though the iPad and the android tablet are ruling the markets and more known, the Microsoft has designed the windows operating system to run on the tablet, this is a great attempt to bring your PC operating system to your actual tablet, this means that you can save documents on your USB and upload them to your tablet! This goes for your pictures as well! Now how blogger friendly is this! Since I deal with a lot of documents this would be ideal to be working on my contracts while away or even at a café!

– Multiple Screens
Even though it may sound silly to us, wondering why would we need to use multiple screens on a tablet, the purpose of a whole desktop system in a tablet itself is a great option, you can use this tablet as a desktop PC, you can plug in your mouse and use it the way you would with your PC or laptop. This option is perfect for those trying to run their desktop software etc. You would basically be taking your PC and laptop with you, but it’s all under this one little tablet.

– Connecting with external portable hard drives (1TB drive)
The windows system enabling us to use third party peripherals is significant, You can easily connect your 1TB hard drive or any other external hard drives to your tablet, this is very useful for photographers, bloggers and entrepreneurs as well.

– Any options of browser
Though this is a Microsoft system, they give us the flexibility to download any browser we prefer, since I was so used to google chrome, I prefer chrome more than the explorer browser, so I simply went into the tablet’s store option and downloaded myself a google chrome!

– You can install big software
Since I deal with a lot of photo’s such as flat lay etc, I tend to use photoshop and other editing software a lot, this tablet gives me the flexibility to download software which is a blessing for me and makes this tablet ideal for professionals.

– Multi-function Capabilities
The other major benefit a windows operating system tablet such as Elekta has compared to iPad and any android tablets, are the multi-tasking function capability. Since this tablet caters for business and corporate functions, windows enables us to run multiple tasks together, which makes it even awesome and helps you save time with your work!

– Built-in Microsoft Office
The tablet has a built-in Microsoft office, which helps me to create documents, contracts any business relates tasks, including assignments or projects. I could use my excel sheet for accounting and finance purpose, while I use one note for noting down my blogging ideas, which makes it perfect for my day to day work.

– Bluetooth
Though my iPad has the option to connect with Bluetooth, I could never connect iPad through Bluetooth with my other devices, I used to struggle because I needed to transfer some of my photographs for my blogs, but atleast with this tablet I’m able to transfer documents, which is such a blessing in disguise.

– Budget Friendly Price
This Elekta tablet is budget friendly, ideal for gifting and guilt-free use, the annoying thing about iPad are that every premium app has to be purchased and every time I would like to download a song, it has to be purchased through iTunes. Atleast with this product, you have the freedom to download what you want and enjoy guilt free!


The cons of the product :

– Unfortunately, there is a small cable attached to the keyboard casing, so every time I type using the keyboard I must connect the cable to activate the keyboard, but this wasn’t a hassle it’s just a matter or connecting the cable which is fine for me!

– Since I’m so used to how iPads work, I’m used to the home button, for a week I kept searching for the home button, the tablet has a start button (which is more like a home button) so when you swipe left, the windows menu option appear, but when I got used to this, it didn’t matter to me. You get used to it as well.

As you can see there are just so much hidden and for some of you, unknown benefits of a Microsoft operating system tablet such as Elekta, it’s always best to try other brands and not just stick to the typical commercially hyped products, but to give these down to earth products a chance as well.


For more details on Elekta products, click on the logo and the link will direct you to their official site.

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PhotographyShafni Salih

StylistFathima Nizar

HairstyleJuice Salon Dubai


This is a sponsored post, I was asked to give an honest review for this product. The review you see here is my honest opionion about the product.

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