Sometimes you wonder how your life changes when you grow older, and how sitting on your cozy chair, browsing through your childhood photographs, and sipping your cup of coffee can make you drift away to the world full of nostalgic thoughts that warm your heart brings you joy and tears to your eyes.

There’s a saying ” Sometimes you will never know a value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

Living in Dubai as an ex-pat makes you adapt to change, from friends moving to changing homes becomes a norm and a part of growing up. My dad will be retiring next month, he’s 70 years old, a hardworking man who survived a stroke a couple of months ago. After a lot of family meetings and convincing him, that he needs a break and needs to relax, he’s now taking it slow with his work and has decided to retire next month. Not an easy task for an old-school man who believes work is what makes you a man if you aren’t working you’re not a man! He’s lived in Dubai for 38 years and spent a whole good time of his youth and strong days in Dubai, retiring now at this age would be a hard thing for him and us as a family. But thatโ€™s how life goes on, we need to adapt to change.

My mom was an educationist all her life and retired by 45, she was a working woman most of her life, but the best thing was how she managed and balanced her career and family life. She always catered to her husband’s and children’s needs, but I still think of her as the real superwoman! And always wished I could grow up to be her.

As I sit here sipping my coffee away and browsing through my childhood pictures, I can’t help but feel a warm nostalgic feeling.

A feeling of wanting and wishing I could travel back in time and experience those happy childhood moments one more time. But all I have with me are memories and these memories I will cherish all my life.

I end this post reminding you all to cherish every moment you have, whenever you feel low always remember the good times you had in your life and cherish your memories.

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