Cupping & It’s therapeutic benefits 💖


So has anyone of you heard about cupping? What is cupping you ask? Well.. Cupping is an ancient form of therapy where the therapist puts special cups on your skin
To create a suction. In the east cupping therapy was practiced in China where it was used along Tui Na massage and acupuncture for almost three thousand years! and in the West cupping had its birth in Egypt around 1550 BC where they used cupping for healing and removing foreign matter from the body.

I’ve been always keen to try cupping but just never had the opportunity to try, I was talking to my sister a couple of weeks ago on how I would love to try cupping for healing purpose, and the very next day she gives me the website of Dubai Herbal treatment centre and details on their cupping treatment. She had gone ahead and researched for me and mentioned how this would help with my health and in a more therapeutic and healing way.

Just before I booked my appointment with them, I was a bit sceptical I guess I was worried about the pain it would cause. And since I had no idea about it , I googled and youtube about cupping. Which I think didn’t help! I freaked out seeing the pictures and videos and was nervous. If any of you decide to go for cupping for the first time make sure you do not watch any of those videos lol.

So I forced myself to go ahead anyway and booked myself an appointment with them. Once I reached the treatment centre, I was getting nervous and imagining about how the pain would be, luckily my hubby kept calming me and telling me the benefits of cupping, seems like he researched about it as well! So I’m in the waiting room and a kind staff calls my name out and takes me into a room, must say the room had a calming effect and felt very clean. She asks me to wait for a few minutes and change into the robe given and to ensure I keep my back open above my waist. So I change into the robe and wait for the therapist to come.

The therapist enters and greets me, and asks me questions about my health, and concerns I have. Which I felt was good and felt safe to be treated under a licensed therapist. I asked her about the level of pain and she tells me “not to worry, it’s just a slight pinch with the suction which will lessen” so I lie down on my tummy with my back open, and she takes a tray full of glass cups, these cups were lit and flamed, which when cooled caused a vacuum suction as she placed them on my skin, she places around 11 of them.

Well, now I know your wondering and asking me so Sarah how was the pain, were you able to tolerate the pain?? Well..the moment she places the cup you feel as if someone’s pinching and holding on to your skin, which I felt was slightly painful (Since I had 11 of them on me, felt like I had 11 people pinching and holding on to my skin) lol. But I must say the pain wears off, it is only the first suction that makes you a bit uncomfortable. You have to be calm and try not to focus on the feeling. The therapist says she will be back in 15 minutes, dims the light and plays some soothing music.

Now the soothing music really helped! Initially, I was worried wondering if I could handle the pain alone in the room, but I must say right after a minute I felt I could handle it and started feeling calm while focusing on the music.

Right after 5 minutes the therapist enters and checks on me asks if I’m ok, and then leaves, she comes back after 10 minutes and slowly starts to pluck the cups up, I felt relieved with every cup she plucked off and I felt like every knot in my body was untied, and then started to realise this is definitely working on me.

Once she said I was done and mentioned the scars will remain for a few days or a week and not to worry about it as it will fade off. I thanked the lovely therapist and as she left I dressed and went to the waiting room where my hubby was waiting for me. He looks at me concerned as he knew I was worried before leaving, and asked if I was ok? I showed him the thumbs up and said I loved it! He smiled and said, “tell me how you’re feeling ?”.

I smiled back and told him I was feeling soo relaxed, cheerful and light and de-stressed!!

So you see my lovely readers, this was soo worth it! I felt soo calm and felt as if all my knots were untied and I was free to move!

I would definitely want you all to give cupping a try, I came back home and did my research and found of there are so many benefits such as:

  • Profound relaxation
  • Deep pleasure of having your knots in your body untied
  • Breaks up congestion
  • Breaks blockage
  • Free flow of vital energies
  • Reduces fever and cold (in the acute crisis stage)
  • Improves function of the nervous system
  • Relief of pain
  • Aids in digestion and strengthens the stomach
  • Promotes bowel regularity

Seeing all the benefits I was very happy that I somehow forced myself to do this! Yes, I have those weird looking marks, but hey! That’s kind of a trend now with most of the
Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Olympians showing off their cupping marks as well! I guess it’s just a way to show that you care about your health and that your healing yourself the non-toxic way!

Types of cupping therapy:

– Normal Cupping – The standard cupping, with the cups, been lit with fire which causes vacuum and suction to your skin
– Moving Cupping
– The same as standard, but the cups are moved while still attached to your skin, with a cream as a lubricant.
– Cupping with Bleeding
– After the first suction, the therapist then makes very tiny cuts on your skin and then does a second suction (though this sounds scary this
helps to remove impurities, toxins and any harmful substance.)

I hope this is convincing enough to try, and do let me know if any of you have tried and what are the health benefits you got through this treatment!
Readers from Dubai/UAE if you require information on the centre I went for this treatment:

Click on Dubai Herbal & Treatment centre website:

This is not a sponsored post!

Hope you find this information useful and hope this helps in your healing process. Remember it’s always safe to try natural therapeutic ways rather than fill
Your body with toxins!

Thank you for reading!


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