Arab Fashion Week – Emergency Room

The last day of Arab Fashion Week Women’s kicks off with messages of Peace and Unity. 
I decided to dress up in shades of Gold to mark the last day of Arab Fashion Week.

My Outfit Details

Trench Coat and Chiffon Dress – Massimo Dutti

Crystal Globe Shaped Handbag – Harrods

Gold Sneakers – Michael Kors

“We need humanity, more than cleverness… life will be violent, and all will be lost” read the screen at Emergency Room’s “Borderline” show. 

With a name that stems from the belief that the world needs to drastically change its wasteful ways, the Beirut-based sustainable, and ethically focused brand portrays a united world where flags are obsolete. 

Emergency Room showcased their new collection ‘Borderline’, This new collection follows in the footsteps of ‘Neverland’ a collection shown at the end of 2021 that introduced the idea of an existing parallel dimension, a heterotopia in which the unnoticed and mundane is brought to light and celebrated.

‘Borderline’ is a testimony to their engagement as a sustainable brand that focuses on producing eco-consciously and ethically all the while shedding light on social injustice and inequalities.

Upcycling remains at the forefront for the last part of the collection. The idea was to gather elements used to separate people into groups; think colored sports jerseys, knitted sports scarves, and polyester
flags, all of which started suddenly popping more and more as the FIFA world cup approached, captivating our consumeristic society.

By deconstructing and reassembling these thrifted second-hand materials, portraying a vision:
That of a world where people are no longer divided but united, that of a world where flags are obsolete.

During the finale, after standing in two lines, each pair of models hugged for a moment in total silence before the designer unrolled a banner across the catwalk leaving attendees pondering an existential
question: “who drew the borders of our world?’.

Emergency Room was my favorite show from the Arab Fashion Week a brand that not just showcases fashion but instead chooses to use the platform to spread the message of peace and unity! It was a standing ovation for the beautifully curated show that ended with the models hugging each other in peace.

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