Marry Me – Review

We are at a time where CGI, Comics, Horror, and Disaster movies are in so much demand, you will all notice very little emphasis is given to love stories these days, which I find very sad.

If you do come across a love story these days it just doesn’t hit the right keynote in matters of the heart, don’t you think?

Growing up in the 90s, watching amazing and memorable rom-coms we just knew what to expect or may I say what is the key ingredient for a good and hearty rom-com no matter what the story was, it was ‘Love’. And this is what “Marry Me” beautifully encompasses.

As we all know about Jlo, she has made blockbuster rom-coms, worked with critically acclaimed filmmakers and costars, and earned the most serious acting praise for her movies. Lopez, like her movie Selena, was looking to incorporate her love of music in movies, and with Marry Me, a romantic comedy movie directed by Kat Coiro and co-starring Owen Wilson, Lopez has made just that.

Owen Wilson was just the perfect person to star opposite Jlo, their similar age and life and professional experience make them have the perfect chemistry and soft-hearted romance.

Lopez plays Kat Valdez, a widely worshipped pop singer, is about to marry her fellow idol Bastian (Colombian star Maluma), in a vast stadium packed with fans, when she learns he has been cheating on her. Already on stage in a glittering extravagance of a wedding dress, might I say the dress by Zuhair Murad was magical! she announces the ceremony is off.

Her gaze then falls on Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson), who has been dragged along to the concert by a close friend who is concerned he hasn’t been out much since his divorce. What’s more, he’s been persuaded into holding up a sign saying “marry me”. He is dragged on to the stage, a ceremony of sorts is performed and Kat and “some guy” as addressed by their “celebrant”, agree to wed.

Dorky Charlie is a teacher with a young daughter and an endless passion for his subject, ‘mathematics’. He has no desire for his life to be turned upside down, and his stubborn but amiable resistance to the glam star world that goes with being Mr. Valdez makes him very likable in a homely way that is Wilson’s specialty. Lopez responds to him with a performance so good-natured and unaffected that their scenes together are a lot of fun.

Though most of you might wonder, how the hell does someone suddenly gets married to a stranger, you will understand this better once you watch the movie, a heartbreak makes you do things you either regret or either be grateful for.

A lovely storyline, Great casting, and a memorable performance, The movie made me smile, made me emotional, and above all were uplifting and cheerful, something you very rarely see these days.
I and hubby came out of the movie smiling and reminding us how precious ‘Love’ is.

I’m also obsessed with the soundtrack, Jlo’s come up with nine new songs for the album, I’m listening to “Marry Me” which is surely going to be surely playing in weddings and proposals! I also love “Nobodys watching” on repeat mode, just love it! 

The movie is out in time for Valentine’s Day, so make sure to soak your heart with all the loving from the movie, book your tickets now, this is truly a worthwhile movie to watch!

PG – 13

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