Dune Movie Review

What a grand movie Dune is, a sci-fi made in the most majestic way possible, This booming, mega, intergalactic saga will shake your seat and make your heart pound.

Hypnotic visual storytelling, of a futuristic royal tale. The movie is balanced with a power star cast and a compelling story.

Director Denis Villeneuve has joined with Frank Herbert’s tricky cult ’60s novel and has managed to create a logical and magnificent masterpiece.

A young man, Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) is worried about the onerous duties required of him as the son of a duke (Oscar Isaac). The duke has just been awarded custody of the planet Arrakis, a provider of a ‘spice’ harvested from its vast deserts that is used to enable space travel.

The island has been run by the cruel and viscid baron (Stellan Skarsgard), who wants his lucrative planet back. Meanwhile the planet’s indigenous inhabitants (the Fremen – their name both ironic and portentous) are seeking to survive while other planets come and exploit them.

The highlight of the movie is Ferguson and Chalamet’s mother and son performance. The realistic performance will give you goosebumps and make you mesmerized and hard to tell the difference from real life to movie.

The music and sound effects by Hans Zimmer absorb & hypnotizes by pulling the audience into the story. It’s like listening to a symphony orchestra.

Villeneuve truly does justice to Herbert’s novel, this is a space opera about destiny..

Don’t miss this movie, it’s a must-watch for this year!

Watch this in Imax for the best viewing experience, Catch Dune in cinemas now!

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