Men In Black International – Review

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I was quite excited to watch the Men In Black International, being a MIB fan and a big-time Will Smith fan, I didn’t know what to expect from this new movie with a whole new twist.

Liam Neeson, Chris Hemsworth, and the highlight this time was, Tessa Thompson who is added to the mix to challenge the gender stereotype of the black-clad “men”.

“Spoiler Alert” – Review below.


Agents High T (Neeson) and H (Hemsworth) face down an attack from the evil Hive at the Eiffel Tower, and their own heroism and its mysterious aftermath are presented in parallel with the backstory of Agent M (Thompson). As a smart little kid 20 years ago, she witnessed her mum and dad get attacked by a strange little alien, and then saw the Men in Black show up, deal with the creature and then wipe her parents’ memories with their weird “neuralyzer” wand.

She grows up obsessed with aliens and this hidden agency and finally gets her chance to join. But M must first impress the MiB chief, Agent O (Emma Thompson). She gets inducted into the organization and then she has to deal with the self-obsessed but somehow caring partner.

The story walks through an uninteresting series of CGI explosions. The “International” of the title means we travel from New York to London and Marrakesh.

All the spark of Hemsworth, shown in Avengers, and his previous movies are nowhere to be found in this movie, the direction and script were very poor for the MIB franchise.

Thompson had a very weak role, her presence was only to make us feel good about having a woman in the movie, but besides that, there was nothing impressive about her role here.

I was actually quite disappointed with the movie, being a hardcore MIB fan I was expecting a lot from the movie, but it was nowhere close to what I was expecting.

If they ever plan to come up with another MIB movie, its time they take the script and direction seriously with better directors and better script writers! or else its time they forget about this franchise!

Parents Note –
Age 12+ 

There’s a lot of over-the-top alien/sci-fi violence, including scary alien monsters, space guns and shooting, a scary melting face/body, punching, fighting, chases, and more.

Hemsworth’s character wakes up in bed with a female alien; he removes her tentacled arm from his naked chest to get up. Strong alien alcohol and drugs are briefly shown.

Rating – 3/5

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