Office appropriate outfits for Summer

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Dressing up creatively to go to work is so hard as not hitting the snooze button twice on a Sunday in Dubai. Having worked for the corporate world for 10+ years waking up and deciding what to wear for work was a daily struggle.

For some reason winters were way easier for me, layering, sweaters, and scarfs were all a great way to dress up and still look good during your lazy days.

But during summer, it’s a whole different deal! It’s tough especially coming up with body positive appropriate style can be tough, especially to strike the perfect balance of looking professional yet being summer friendly!

Do you think you can adapt all those cool runaway /Summer Trends 2019 to dress up to work?

I know, sometimes you’re just so stressed on weekdays that you don’t want to even think about styling yourself for work, but there are some basic tricks of styling you can adapt the latest Trends 2019 to your work outfit decisions (

Get inspired and get a fresh new look for your spring outfits to wear to work!

Style 1


What’s perfect about this look is the balance of color and print yet still managing to look professional.

I love how the use of striped blazer adds an element of fun yet still maintains to look semi-formal.

Adding a splash of a neutral color (Not Neon) makes this the perfect summer outfit.

Style 2


Nothing like a plain white T-shirt and some neutral colored pants making it not just semi-formal, but you can dress it up as completely formal.

If you’re having meetings you can top it with a formal looking blazer.

Casual meetings top it with a cardigan, this look is quite versatile making it a no-stress outfit for work!

You can add flats, instead of sandals in case you’re doing a lot of standing or running around or little kitten heels would do as well for comfort.

Style 4


Make sure to own a black top, this helps to style any colored pants you own.

This style here makes it perfect for neutral cotton pants, you can add gold accent accessories to glam the look if you want.

Something about this look oozes not just comfy but class.

This would be great for evening meetings with clients, or quick catchup!

Style 5


Some companies permit casual days where they permit jeans for work.

Make sure to take advantage of this and pair it with a nice crisp cotton white shirt, this adds not just a semi-casual look but a very smart attire.

You can pair this with a nice formal handbag and some nice classy formal heels.

Once you’re done at work you can switch to flats for a casual evening with friends and family!

How do you style your summer work outfits? let us know, comment below! 🙂

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