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How often do you we come across someone with the same outfit or handbag? often in fact…The problem is when the commercial retail stores are so easy to purchase from, where every trend and latest fashion is available under one roof, or even easier to purchase them online. The problem with this is you’d see too many women wearing the same thing. With all these common retail stores out there it’s quite hard for us to find our voice for fashion, our identity our uniqueness.

If you shop ‘off the rack’ for an occasionwear, you always run the risk of wearing the same dress as another person at the event. It happens quite rarely, in my experience, but it happens.

I see many women with commonly branded bags, not that there’s anything wrong with it but it just makes your fashion statement too predictable. I’m not asking you to only splurge all your money on expensive boutiques, I’m just trying to ask you to think out of the box. This way people will respect your fashion sense more.

Recently I’ve come across IPSEITY, a curated site with unique collections of one-off pieces from an array of innovative, international designers. They Practice an inclusive exclusivity by fostering, manifesting and innovating collaboration by working with carefully selected designers to curate a collection showcasing only unique pieces that would be made exclusively for you.
The Founder
Jane Marle is the Founder and CEO of IPSEITY. She is a London based Fashion Stylist and Art Director from Paris. Jane is a polymath: from fashion styling, advertising to fashion events, catwalks and fashion production, her creativity is endless.

IPSEITY was first launched in May at an exclusive event in Shoreditch, with over a hundred people joining the celebration of fashion’s best and most unique upcoming
designers. IPSEITY believes in bringing together like-minded individuals looking to stand out of the crowd with unique fashion pieces and the event was an ode to the power of uniqueness. If you’re only in favor of keeping up with the fast-fashion trends.. then IPSEITY is not for you.

Richard Liu from JD.com once commented:
“No one wants to put a bag on the table when a lot of ladies have the same bag with the same style. People want to find something special. Something you cannot find in your circle or in your neighbourhood or in your company.”

This is what makes IPSEITY so unique. Anyone is able to walk into a room and know that they are going to stand out.


The 3 unique and exclusive Products from IPSEITY I’m loving!

1. Tessa Spielhofer – The Sophie Bag – IPSEITY

Tessa Spielhofer bags and accessories have a playful element in which the customer can personalize their product during as well as at any point after their purchase.
The clean design and colors inspired by nature ensure that the bags & accessories can be effortlessly worn with any outfit and customized to fit any occasion.


FABRICATION: This piece is handmade and sustainable: all materials are
recycled from offcuts of designers previous collections.

COMPOSITION: PVC, and Leather.

STORY: The DNA of the brand is all about fun and personalization.
This bag consists of 3 pieces that can be put together and mixed as
desired to create your own custom bag. You can also combine the top
and base for a smaller bag, leaving the middle compartment out.

STYLING: With Formalwear, semi-formal or a black dress.

What I love about this bag?

I’ve always loved and appreciated vintage fashion, especially their sophisticated bags. What I loved most about this bag was that it resembled the vintage vanity
bag from Chanel. Uniquely shaped, being an environmentalist I love materials such as PVC is used for fashion. The bag has 2 compartments and a small zipper section so it keeps your things very secure.


The clear PVC (ideal to showcase some pretty cosmetics or accessories) and the second base with leather. Perfect to stash things you want to conceal such as your wallet etc. With this bag, you’re sure to stand out in a crowd!


Piret Kartus Jewellery is all about “The Story”.Every single part of the jewelry is 100% handmade and has a unique story to tell. The materials used are mostly of European origin but found or scouted out from around the world and then assembled in our studio in Australia or Europe.

Whats the story behind these earrings?

The Crystal stones were found in Paris but might have been made in Austria ca 1930-1940’s. These earrings are one of a kind. The crystal stones are super rare. The color was specially chosen from a selection of similar kind. They were found in a basement stock in Paris and still wrapped in their original
silk paper.

STYLING: You can wear them whether it is for a chic night out with a dress or with a
cool day outfit and jeans.

What I love about these earrings?


This is definitely a statement earring! a perfect stand out jewelry for your plain tops! Instantly glam up any look whether for an occasion of a casual outfit. Featherlight and versatile, you’ll wear them every day. Expect to get compliments each time you wear them. The beauty about these earrings are their handmade and carefully put and designed to make these perfect statement earrings. Truly a work of art!


Maison Vermillion offers new choices of couture, beautifully crafted and influenced by royal and imperial history. Maison Vermillion reflects a mix of eastern and western influences and design practices. Inspired by both heritage and romanticism of the west and the delicate of eastern accents. The look is electric, regal and empowered.

FABRICATION: This piece is handmade.

COMPOSITION: Velvet, polyester

STORY: The designer created this piece for the girl wearing it to have fun at a party.
She particularly chose this fabric because it is comfortable yet glamorous!

STYLING: You can wear it to any kind of parties, on top of a
dress or a top and trousers and accessorize it with a pair of
nice earrings.

What I love about this Jacket?

Is the material! I’ve never worn a shiny & sparkly velvet before! and this is definetely a luxury jacket ideal for a fun night or a girls night out!

As you can see from the collection above IPSEITY has an exclusive collection, where you know for sure no one else would have. Since each of these products
is carefully handpicked and curated by exclusive fashion designers to give us the best of quality and exclusiveness.

If you are a true Fashionista and hate is similar to everyone else then IPSEITY is definitely the site to check out!

Disclaimer – This is not a sponsored post. Products were given to me in exchange for a review.

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