Dusit Thani – Iftar Buffet 🌟

Dusit Thaniiftar buffet

Dusit Thani is my favorite hotel chain, has been known for its quality service in the industry and for their amazing hospitality, they are renowned for their delicious meals as you must be aware from my last Dusit Thani Brunch review which you can find here.

When I was invited for the Iftar Buffet, I was thrilled, since our last experience with them was amazing!

The iftar buffet was set up on the 24th Floor of Dusit Thani, Once you reach the 24th Floor, it was like stepping into an Arabian Wonderland, with a bit of an Aladdin feel, the arabesque décor literally transports you to an Arabian delight.

As you enter, you are welcomed by barrels of different types of dates and Arabic kawa (Arabic coffee), this is ideal for breaking your fast, the Arabic coffee was definitely what we needed to kick-start our gastronomical experience.

We were seated at the Pax Ristorante, the Italian restaurant, where they had the most amazing view of the city lights and Sheikh Zayed road. The iftar buffet was mainly with a middle eastern adapting to the Ramadan theme.

The buffet had a wide variety of salads to condiments including hummus, tabouleh to quiches.


The bread and soup stall


Moving on to the next stall, we start off with the appetizers ranging from middle eastern, Thai to Indian. There were also the zaatar manakeesh and the onion fritters oh yes and did I mention about the live shawarma stall they had?

The Main course was an extravagant range of selections from Middle Eastern, Indian and Thai, the highlight of the Iftar was the traditional Kharouf (Lamb cooked whole and served with rice pilaf, this I tell you I had 3 servings!! Yes, that’s right 3!! The meat was succulent and tender while the pilaf rice was the right combination to give you a mouth-watering experience!


And now for the star of the show!! The dessert kingdom, that’s right kingdom! Check out the Arabian palace décor to Oomph up the dessert stall, yes let’s just say I raided the place. Lol, deserts ranging from caramel puddings to little pots of crème Brulee and fruits, black forest cakes, mini cheese cakes and Arabic sweets.

Our favourites

  • The lamb and rice Pilaf (Kharouf)
  • The Onion Fritters
  • Cheese/Zatar Manakeesh
  • Shawarmas
  • Crème Brulee puddings
  • Black forest cake
  • Cheesecakes
  • Arabic coffee

As usual, the staff were professional and courteous and helped refill our coffees for us, the hospitality of the staff was felt throughout the stay.


We had the most amazing iftar buffet experience, Dusit Thani does it again, never failing to give us an amazing and memorable gastronomic experience!

LWS Rating

Location: Dusit Thani, Sheikh Zayed Road

  • Score – 4/5
  • Ideal for – Iftar Buffets, Brunch (Couples/Family)
  • Ambiance – Cozy with a great view
  • Drinks Served – Arabic Coffee/Cocktails/Mocktails/Soft Drinks
  • Restaurant Serves – Brunch and Iftar (For Ramadan)
  • Wifi Available – Yes

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