All About Malta

I always wanted to travel to malta, I hear such lovely things about the place, with picturesque Mediterranean landscapes, people, and architecture, they add a lovely charm to the island.

There are many reasons to visit Malta, firstly the island is supposed to be beautiful, the Maltese are incredibly friendly, and you could spend easily more than a week bouncing between the islands of Malta and Gozo. If you’re looking for a quaint spot for your next vacation to Europe, look no further than Malta.

Here are a few travel tips that you would find useful if planning to travel to Malta.


What to Do in Malta

  • Visit Mdina: Settled by the Knights, this walled city has expansive views over the island, offering a lovely village to explore by foot.
  • Take a drive to Dingli Cliffs to the most western point on Malta. It is the highest point on the island, offering a view of the ocean that is second to none.
  • Visit a winery at San Niklaw, that is family owned and has delicious whites.
  • Go to the capital city, Valletta (a World Heritage Site). See St. John’s Co-Cathedral, explore the streets, and take in the views over the Three Cities from the Upper Barakka Gardens.
  • Time your trip with the Malta Classic, and see vintage cars zip through Mdina.
  • Gaze out over the Blue Grotto, or take a boat trip around the coastline to peer up.
  • See the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples.
  • Take an afternoon trip to Comino to swim in the crystal clear waters of the Blue or Crystal Lagoon.
  • Explore the Three Cities, starting with Birgu-Vittoriosa. The town is walkable and holds historical importance for the Knights who had their inns in the Colicchio Area. Fun tip take the water taxi from Valletta!
  • See where they filmed the original Popeye movie, and take a dip in Anchor Bay.
  • Checkout the small fishing village of Marsaxlokk Bay.da0c3cd0cccb1bb3cb413988612bdd97

Where to Eat in Malta

  • Palazzo Parisio: An old palace that has a restaurant right in the heart of the gardens. Fine dining and classic Maltese dishes are the base of the menu.
  • Villa Corinthia: Set inside the Corinthia Palace, this fine dining restaurant has a world chef and serves modern takes on Maltese cuisine.
  • Harbour Club: A good view, and fresh seafood in a cheerful outdoor restaurant.
  • Diar il Bniet: A concept kitchen serving farm to table foods, with ingredients sourced right from the restaurant’s farm.
  • Jus Restaurant: A cozy restaurant, with dishes like rabbit, fresh fish, and mussels.
  • Tal Petut: In Birgu, this family style restaurant has no menu, just a traditional meal.
  • Flora’s: Head here for lovely high tea!

Give Malta a try this winter, and experience the magic! If any of you have traveled to Malta let me know how your travel experience was? Share with us you Malta stories 🙂

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