All About Malta

I always wanted to travel to malta, I hear such lovely things about the place, with picturesque Mediterranean landscapes, people, and architecture, they add a lovely charm to the island. There are many reasons to visit Malta, firstly the island is supposed to be beautiful, the Maltese are incredibly friendly, and you could spend easily more than … More All About Malta

Budapest Memories 💖

  So we were in planning mode for our 10th wedding anniversary in December, we wanted it to be special and unique and since we are quite frequent travelers we headed to the world map and simultaneously checking out Emirates Airline flight destinations, we travel Emirates been airline staff it was one of the perks … More Budapest Memories 💖

My Travel Memoirs

Travelling has always been my passion, ever since I was a kid I’ve always had an adventurous side to me, I loved adventure cartoons and movies and was very fascinated by maps, I used to play treasure hunt as a kid! Luckily I nailed my first job with an airline, and that added to my … More My Travel Memoirs