Il Capo Restaurant – Westin Hotel Dubai


We had the pleasure to dine at the Il Capo restaurant at the Westin Hotel last night. I must say it was just a memorable experience I’ve had , to have authentic well prepared Italian food is rare, and to have the opportunity where you not just dine, but to experience live Italian opera was just magnificent!


Once we reached the hotel, and the valet chauffeurs drove off our vehicle, we entered into this sophisticated lobby where we were greeted by the reception, we mentioned we had a reservation at Il Capo restaurant and was guided to the lift, once we reached the 1st floor, we were greeted by the front desk and the hostess Karen Tolentino who was a friendly and charming girl who prior to us arriving had taken down my special requests, she greeted us and escorted us to our seats, upon entering the restaurant the sound of opera took over, we literally were transported to a feeling of the Italian opera house such as the Teatro La Scala, it was a grand and beautiful feeling.

Upon entering  you notice the grand classic interiors with a contemporary twist, you can’t help but get the Frank Sinatra vibes, the perfect lighting and well-upholstered seatings definitely 5 stars worthy.

The hostess assured us the best seats facing the Dubai canal, our timing was perfect since it was the opening day for the Dubai canal and we got to witness the fireworks through the restaurant. Once I was seated our server Caleb Lottering greeted us and gave us our menu’s mentioning the specialities from the Michelin-starred chef Giuseppe Stanzione who created the four course menu for the night, since we did not have alcohol the server mentioned the mocktail specialities from the bartender which was vanilla infused milk and strawberries which were such a treat! Tasted just like a strawberry milkshake but with a kick!



We started off with the freshly baked bread and artichoke spread, and bruschetta you could feel the freshness of every ingredient in your mouth, a very satisfying start indeed, while we were busy chatting, enjoying the view the server brought us our appetizer which was Cuttlefish Tagliatellina, avocado mayonnaise, green apple, and lime. Now before having this I was a bit skeptical since I’m not a big seafood lover and have never had cuttlefish,  I waited for hubby to have his first bite and his reaction was epic! So that definitely encouraged me to have my first bite, the ingredients went so well together and I never knew cuttlefish tasted so good! The combination of the avocado mayonnaise , the tartness of the lime and green apple was definitely a marriage of flavors to this dish.



Once the appetizer was done, I was looking forward to what we were getting served next,  the server was kind enough to refill our mocktails and brought us the next dish which was Bavette pasta with venus clam, lemon and tuna Bottarga, now don’t get me wrong this is not just your average pasta, this was a creative combination of creamy fresh pasta, clam and tuna with a lemony zesty taste which was delicious, it was heart warming. Especially the moment you take your first bite and then the Opera behind you was definitely music to my soul and tummy!


I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the view of the Dubai canal was and the restaurant ambiance was definitely romantic, with pleasant Italian music in the background.

Next, the server brought us the main course which was of Roasted Wild Seabass with mussels, escarole, sea urchin emulsion and seafood broth. The fish had a well-roasted crispy skinned top, while the roasted escarole and seafood broth were a great combination, the flavours and the freshness of the wild sea bass reminds you of the Tuscan seaside, where the flavour and ingredients were refreshing to my taste buds, the mussels and escarole were perfectly cooked and was just rightly combined into the dish.


As time went by enjoying our moments, the view, the music the last course arrived which was the dessert! The grand finale! It was Buffalo milk and raspberry, the dish was a work of art, there were 4 elements one was a raspberry and vanilla sorbet, vanilla mousse, vanilla pudding with raspberry sauce and the other was a unique frozen concoction of raspberry. The chef did his magic and the dessert was a burst of flavors to our taste buds! It was amazing! One wonders how the chef plans and gives life to his dishes, but chef Giuseppe Stanzione is definitely a master of magic in his kitchen!


Overall we had such pleasure and satisfaction with the dining and opera it was definitely a memorable Italian experience we’ve had in Dubai! The staff were friendly, the restaurant manager Davide Maio was cordial and attentive, the server Caleb Lottering and Hostess Karen Tolentino were kind with exceptional customer service.


If you’re looking for an authentic Italian dining experience then Il Capo is definitely the place to be!


LWS Rating

Location : Il Capo Restaurant, Westin Hotel, Al Habtoor City

      • Score – 5/5
      • Ideal for – Date night/Special Occasions
      • Ambiance – Romantic/Cozy
      • Drinks Served – Cocktails/Mocktails/Soft Drinks/Tea & Coffee
      • Restaurant Serves – Lunch/Dinner
      • Wifi Available – Yes























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