Level 7, Meat Me Night at W Hotel Dubai 🍴💙


Its been 5 months since the opening of the W hotel Dubai, the hotel promises contemporary lifestyle experiences that boldly expresses the city life of Dubai. The hotel has been a newbie and has a great reputation for their upscale restaurants such as the Level 7, I was excited to be invited to an all you can eat “Meat Me Night Buffet”, this is a buffet catered to all carnivorous meat lovers!  You could call this a meat heaven, where you can find all sorts of meat related dishes!

As we walked into the hotel after giving our vehicle to the valet, I noticed almost all the staff be it the valet chauffeurs, the bell boy, the lift assistant, and the receptionist all been very welcoming, smiling and positive! This was a great start and just gave us a happy feeling right before we entered the restaurant.



Once we reached the 7th floor, we reached the restaurant front desk and we were greeted warmly , taking us to our seats. I couldn’t help but notice how warm and welcome the place was, a very rustic feel adorned with wood, steel and a combination of contemporary and retro art, a cozy ­orange-hued ambiance with a warm and rustic feel.





We were greeted by the server (Majdi) who was a very welcoming, positive and charming person. He explained to us in detail about the Meat me night and was very attentive to our requests, without getting in the way, we never had to ask for a refill , this is one of the best services I’ve had in Dubai and the staff here definitely deserve a high praise for their service. Since we were not having alcohol, the server mentioned the bartender was making us a customized special mocktail, which was amazing! It was a mocktail with Bay leaves and peach nectarine, a very creative mocktail and a thoughtful bartender (Imir is his name, apparently he’s one of the best is town!)



I and hubby headed to the buffet section, the buffet spread was a long and appealing one, we almost got lost wondering where to start, but that was the exciting part. What I loved about the buffet was the rustic, market and Mediterranean feel to it which made us feel very comfortable as if we were in our own kitchen. The chefs were welcoming and did not hesitate to explain the dishes. The buffet spread was quite unique since it was an all meat night, the dishes were creatively made, where there was the element of meat hidden in all the dishes.


We started off with their starters, exclusive collection of cheese and salad bites, we had their Minestro D’orzo, their (Orzo pasta, vegetable Brunoise , tomato essence.)  We were is awe with how beautifully these tiny dishes were set, it was like a work of art. Not just the setting but it tasted amazing. We were wondering if the starters tasted this good, how good would the main course be? When we settled down, our server (Majdi) came by asking what we would prefer for our main course, we could either go to the buffet section giving our orders to the chef, or we could order through him in case we were tired of waiting there. So we placed our orders with him 2 rib eye steaks, medium well , mushroom sauce, fries , mashed potatoes and sauteed veggies.

The most amazing starters were the meat pies topped with mashed potatoes and the deep-fried rice balls stuffed with cream, these were unique and mouth watering!



When the steaks arrived, I remember looking up to my hubby excited, it just looked so good! The moment we had our first bite it just melted in our mouth, this was definitely a succulent meal! They got the temperature just right! It is very rare to get your steak exactly the way you want, but here at level 7, they nailed it! Kudos to the chef!



I managed to get hold of the chef (Ilker Youkus is the Chef de Cuisine) and was all praise about the food, and asked him what inspired him to make such unique starters such as the meat pies and the rice cutlets, he says he was born and brought up in Turkey, where he got all his Turkish and middle eastern influence, he then spent his later years in UK where he got married as well. Cooking for his wife he was inspired by UK cooking as well and always tried fusing his dishes. He as a very charming and friendly chef!



When we were done with our main course we headed to the dessert section, they had an amazing spread of desserts! For all, you sweet tooths out there this is your heaven!

They had ice creams, chocolate mousse, carrot cakes you name it they had it all! I suddenly let loose of the sweet-toothed child in me and asked a piece of all the sweets on the spread! Hubby found me funny, once I reached my seat I couldn’t wait to have my desserts, first I tried the chocolate cake, It was soo good I literally blanked out! The chocolate, sweet consistency was just right. For all, you chocolate fans out there this is a cake you must try! Then I had the strawberry Panacotta along with their biscuit bites strawberry and Nutella-flavored.



They had an amazing collection of desserts that cater to all! Having our last pieces our dessert and chatting with the friendly server, we thanked him for his service and asked if I could take a selfie with him and his team. They were more than happy to, and here we are with the team life.


To sum it all up, Level 7 at W hotel is definitely an experience for all meat lovers, the staff are very friendly, attentive and cordial, the food from the starters, the main course to your deserts is such an amazing mouth watering treat, according to me this is one of the best buffet spreads in Dubai!


LWS Rating

Location : W Hotel Dubai, Al Habtoor City

  • Score – 5/5
  • Ideal for – Date night/Family night
  • Ambiance – Romantic/Cozy
  • Drinks Served – Cocktails/Mocktails/Soft Drinks/Tea & Coffee
  • Restaurant Serves – Breakfast/Brunch/Dinner
  • Wifi Available – Yes

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