Fashion Forward Dubai

The Fashion Forward Dubai show is just rocking!, If you’ve not been to the Hai3, Dubai Design District, I implore you to visit as soon as you can, their last show is on the 23rd October at 22:00.So makes sure you all get your chance to witness the fashion world in Dubai!


I was quite excited to get my blogger pass for the fashion show, and luckily had my sister to accompany me. We reached for the 2 pm retail showcase, where they showed unique and beautiful jewelry and accessories, the showcase designers were:

I loved the contemporary designed accessories, they were unique and were definite statement pieces, these accessories would add luxury to your outfits. Here are a few of my

favorite collections!

Right after the retail showcase I moved to the “Arwa Al Banawi” fashion presentation,  She presented a lovely contemporary collection tailored for the “The Suitable Woman” She has an eclectic mix of contrasts, most of them were comfortable tailored suits with graphic prints, they were feminine and comfortable, I must say the pink themed light and the Cuban influenced music added a sense of panache to her presentation.


these are a few of my favorite collection from her presentation.

After the presentation we headed for the Baume & Mercier: Pettite Promesse Launch, where they briefed us with the launch of new products and were served refreshments, it was good to be indoors and take a break from the heat outside, me and my sis sipping on some refreshing watermelon drinks!



Once we were done with the Baume & Mercier Launch, we headed to the MARAM runway show which was showcased at Hall 1, there was a big crowd and we had to wait for a couple of minutes to enter, it was very hot and I could see a lot of people fanning themselves, this is my sister and me waiting for the runway.


When the gates opened and everyone started to enter, the hallway was dark, so I flashed my mobile light on and entered was scared to trip and fall on my heels, though they had the neon stair indicators, I still needed to have my mobile light on till I got to my seating, once we settled down, the screen flashed Maram, followed by a few second silence, and then the ocean sound effect and soulful music started playing the moment the models walked the runway, the show was amazing, the collection had flowy and breezy materials, the attention to detail on each of the fitting was great, a collection of breezy comfort and oceanic prints made the collection very unique.

A few of my favourites from Maram’s collection below:

They had some pretty neat cafes, my favorite was the Pepsi inspired café, check out their menu!

We had some iced lattes and chilled, socialized with a couple of social media professionals and fashion bloggers, and then headed to the next event which was the Baume & Mercier Stylist workshop by the talented Samantha Francis from @styleisnecessity! I was quite excited to get to be a part of her workshop just so I could have a chance to meet with her, and take advantage of her useful workshop! Samantha Francis explained to us the science of color and its importance, along with the launch of some new watches she collaborated with Baume & Mercier.


Samantha at her best, explaining to us in detail about each color concept and how each color falls into a seasonal palette such as Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer! A very informative workshop indeed.


Obviously had to take a selfie with the gorgeous girl!

A few more selfies and photoshoots

Once the workshop was finished which was the last for us, since it was getting late, we were tired and planned to head back home, with a few last photoshoots, exchanged business cards with other social media professionals, and headed off to our uber!


Overall, I loved the fashion themes of the show and the unique designs I got to witness, with the accessories and apparels. Though the heat took a toll on us they did make attempts to comfort us placing fans around us and availability of refreshments with mini café stalls around us, I would definitely not miss this show and definitely coming back again!

My look for the day



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