Go Green – Earth Day Special


Since its earth day today, I thought I should make a post on going green. I’m always keen on finding new ways to go green in our house, recycling is something we do weekly. We collect and segregate our rubbish , papers and plastic are separated and recycled.

This is taken to a nearby recycling area and put into each dedicated bins. There’s so much pleasure in doing a good deed especially when you know you are doing your part for supporting and caring for the environment.

Going green is very beneficial to you and the environment, we can start off by little things to make a difference such as turning off electronics when not using them or not leaving the tap on in the kitchen or when brushing your teeth.

Keeping all this in mind, and since its earth day today I’ve come up with a go green list which can help you and the environment.


  1. Ditch any of your bright lights to an energy efficient light
  2. Turn off lights when you leave the room
  3. Rely on natural lights for as long as you can around the house before you turn the switch on.
  4. Fix leaky toilets and taps
  5. turn off the water when you shave or brush your teeth
  6. Wash only full loads of laundry.
  7. Dust the coils underneath and on the back of your fridge to help it run more efficiently.
  8. Don’t charge your cell phone overnight.
  9. Turn off or unplug electronics, appliances, or chargers when they are not in use.
  10. Use non-toxic cleaning products.


  1. Try eating at home instead of going out.
  2. Buy your produce from local farmers.
  3. Eat fresh fruits and veggies more than canned.
  4. Don’t defrost foods with water.
  5. When you eat, use real dishes and silverware instead of disposable
  6. Invest in reusable water bottles.
  7. Use rags instead of paper towels to wipe up spills.
  8. Only put out full garbage bags.
  9. Buy fewer frozen dinners.
  10. Make your own chicken stock with chicken scraps.


  1. Read newspapers and magazines online.
  2. Buy e-books instead of print copies.
  3. Send e-cards instead of purchasing paper cards.
  4. Use cloth napkins instead of paper.
  5. Remove yourself from junk mail lists.
  6. Use cloth hand towels instead of paper towels.
  7. Send electronic invitations instead of snail mail.
  8. Opt out of receiving phone books or Yellow Pages.
  9. Opt for receiving bank statements online
  10. Opt for general subscriptions online instead


  1. Print on both sides of the page.
  2. Save your work onto folders on your desktop
  3. Jot down notes electronically on Ms office or notepad
  4. Use an electronic schedule/timetable/calendar
  5. If you are able, telecommute or work at home.
  6. Pack your lunch in reusable containers
  7. Send documents to your colleagues electronically
  8. Opt for online newsletters
  9. Use a reusable mug/tumbler for your coffee
  10. Give the barista your mug for take away coffee

As you can see with all this, going green is not difficult at all, in fact, this would even help cut down your cost of living. There are plenty of simple change you can do to your everyday life and help protect the planet we share and live in. Go Green!



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