Makeup by Sarah : Golden Reflections 💛



I wanted to do a makeover for my sister, she’s always been my makeup model and patient enough to deal with me. (Though she can be very annoying at times..) lol. Like all sisters do!

Sisters are definitely a blessing in our lives, always great to share stuff, share your secrets, play dress up and the best person to go shopping with!

So the look I’ve given her today was inspired by Gold, hence ‘Golden Reflections‘.



Products Used:

  • Mac Prep + Pricolorcorrector
  • Guerlain Parure Gold radiance compact foundation powder (05-dark beige)
  • Mac NC45 studio finish concealer
  • Mac – Sweet as Cocoa shimmer blush
  • Urban Decay (Naked 2) pallette Shades (YDK, Foxy, Suspect, Blackout, Tease and Snakebite)
  • Maybelline lipstick Color Sensational – Latte beige
  • Maybelline lip liner Color Sensational – Choco pop
  • Body Shop Shimmer Rocks – Golden Copper Radiance
  • Benefit ‘Gimme Brows’ – Dark brown
  • Mac Eye Kohl pencil
  • Benefit – They’re real mascara


Prep Steps

  • Applied “The Face Shop – Cucumber ‘ mask on her face for 10 mins and massaged her face for a couple of minutes.
  • Rubbed an ice cube all over her face

“This helps to tighten the pores and keeps her skin glowing and moisturized.”

Makeup Steps – Skin

  • First, I applied concealer to cover any marks or spots
  • Used a color corrector to correct her skin tone
  • blended the color corrector using a buffer brush
  • Applied Guerlain Parure Gold radiance compact foundation powder and buffed all over her face till her neck

Makeup Steps – Eyes

  • Used Benefit “Gimme Brows” to groom her eyebrows
  • Applied shade ‘Foxy’ from Urban Decay on her brow bone and highlighted that area.
  • Applied shade ‘Tease’ on her eyelid and used this as a base
  • Applied shade ‘Suspect’ all over her eyelid
  • Applied shade ‘Blackout’ on the corner of her eyelids
  • Blended the blackout shade and extended it to her eyelid temples
  • Applied shade ‘Suspect’ again in patting mode on the middle of her eyelid.
  • Lined her waterlines with Mac kohl pencil
  • Applied Benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascara on her. (she’s blessed with beautiful lashes didn’t have to apply fake ones on her!)


Makeup steps – Lips

  • Applied EOS lip balm ‘Tangerine’
  • Dabbed a bit of concealer
  • Lined her lips with Maybelline Choco Pop lip liner
  • Applied the Maybelline lipstick ‘Latte Beige’

Makeup steps – Finishing touch

  • Contoured her face with Mac Cocoa blush
  • Added Mac Cocoa Blush on her cheek bones
  • Applied Body Shop shimmer rock on the temple of her cheeks
  • Finally used a powder brush and set her face with Guerlain foundation powder on her skin




Photographed by: Sarah Shafni
Model: My Gorgeous sister (Fathima Nizar)





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