Little Notebook



Its always nice to stay organised in life, When your disorganized you feel more stressed and this turns everything you do into something negative. You should always try to change the little things in life that could make your day easier and positive.

Sometimes when your in a hurry and you have your daily errands to do, its not always easy to remember, specially with all the responsibilities we have, such as paying your bills, picking your kids from school , cooking , laundry etc.

I’ve come to realize that keeping a little notebook helps. Yes, I know we have mobile apps that are reminders, but their not personalized. And there’s nothing that would more comforting and convincing then writing yourself. And besides with all this technology with mobiles and emails we are starting to forget how to write and this leads to terrible handwriting.

Maybe this would be a good excuse to improve our writing skills as well, and of-course a cute addition to your handbag 🙂

This little pocket notebook shown above is from Old Navy, yes I know its not just clothes they sell but cute little notebooks as well. This was a 2 in one pack, which was well worth the money, and the cute floral prints add more cuteness to it.

I like to use small notebooks or journals so its easy to add to my handbag or can fit into a pocket in my daily planner. You could use a hair tie to keep it shut and would work great to keep your pen.

You can divide your diary into 4 tabs, these tabs can be done with washi tapes or post-it tapes or even be more creative and use decorative hairpins 🙂 (Different colors for each tab).

1st tab

  • Your on the day reminder, such as grocery,bills,help with kids homework. (this has to be completed the same day).

2nd tab

  • Your tasks that need to be done within the week or coming week, such as spring cleaning, catch up with a friend, shopping etc

3rd tab

  • Your tasks that need to be done within the month, such as projects, your diy project you wanted to work on, or maybe a recipe you wanted to try.

4th tab

  • There is no timeline for this, you can add your wish list, or maybe gift ideas, recipes etc.

Every evening before you go to sleep, write down all your mandatory tasks that need to be done next day onto your first tab. Remember your tasks should be achievable so you are not expecting too much out of yourself.

This would be a great way to motivate you to finish your tasks and also make you feel proud with what you have completed and achieved 🙂

What you can also write in your little book instead of reminders:

  1. Daily inspirations
  2. Gratitude notes
  3. Quotes you think of
  4. Sketches
  5. Song Lyrics – Maybe your own song
  6. Little prayers
  7. Wish list
  8. Bucket list
  9. Quick recipes
  10. Travel diary


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🙂 thank you for reading!








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