Moving and Packing Tips


Moving and Packing can be a very tedious task, its always best to pre-plan and organise yourself before thinking to move.

To make your moving pleasant and smooth, I’ve collated a few tips which should be helpful 🙂

Before your move:

  1. Clean and scrub the new residence before you move, the last thing you want is to be scrubbing a toilet as you move in!
  2. Check with your security if you have any concerns
  3. Check with your building maintenance if you notice anything damaged or your air conditioner not working.
  4. Take a picture of each room and save this, in-case when you decide to leave the land lords can’t blame you for any damage you have not done.
  5. Check if water and electricity is working
  6. Contact charity or second hand furniture pick up to pick any of your unwanted items, always best to de-clutter before moving.
  7. Stop grocery shopping a week before, and clean out your fridge

garbage-bag-clothes-moving.jpg    kitchen-plate-silverware-Collage-moving.jpg

Moving and Packing tips:

  1. Begin packing from the kitchen, this is where most of the complicated stuff are.
  2. First thing to pack off from the kitchen a mixer (with all its attachments put in a zip-lock bag and labeled.
  3. Make sure you write down the room and the contents on the box
  4. You can color coordinate for each rooms. (Such as pink stickers go to the bedroom, yellow goes to kitchen).
  5. Make sure you have a good secure lock for your jewelry boxes or valuables, keep this with you and unlock after the move.
  6. Pack a trolley suitcase with your emergency clothes (at least for 2-3 days) such as your under garments and 2-3 pair of clothes. (this will help you as you move and don’t have to panic or stress to find your garments.
  7. Use your laundry basket for your main appliances or grocery (coffeemaker,kettle, tea, coffee milk, spoons and mugs)
  8. Cling wrap your kitchen utensils and unwrap as you move (this saves time)
  9. Make a hole beneath a trash bag to hang your cupboard clothes with the hanger, so you can directly hang them to your cupboard.
  10. Instead of boxes use garbage bags for your clothes, this makes it easier to take an identify
  11. Use cushions,towels,socks or even soft toys to pad things and keep them safe from breaking.
  12. Use Styrofoam plates between breakable plates to prevent them from breaking.

Hope this helps, Have a pleasant and easy moving! 🙂

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