The Matrix Resurrections – Review

I’ve been a huge Matrix fan since my teens, it is one of the most iconic sci-fi cyberpunk classics that blew our minds in the 90s when the movie was first out, I remember being in awe of the action sequence ‘The bullet-dodging scene’ of Keanu Reeves had my jaw dropping down in amazement!

The movie was known for its complicated storyline, I would be lieing if I didn’t tell you, I had to watch the movie twice to understand the story and the exact purpose of the characters, the movie was not just all cyber talk but shockingly very philosophical as well, which had a much deeper meaning and much-needed respect for the iconic characters in the story.

If you’re a fan of the franchise like me and may have been terrified that a fourth film, almost 20 years later, might make the movie bad. Thankfully It is not. Instead, it’s clever, funny, and smart, with entertaining action and as always with the best visual effects. The Matrix Resurrections is everything we needed from the Matrix franchise! 

Co-written and directed by Lana Wachowski, The Matrix Resurrections is very much modeled after the first movie. It once again starts with Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves) working a tech job he doesn’t love and beginning to notice the world around him isn’t what it seems. The difference we see now is Thomas is now older and in therapy. Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) is around, but she has another life and the two don’t know each other. Thomas also has a much bigger, more important job. As Thomas explores that job, Wachowski can deal head-on with those apprehensions she, and the audience, have of this movie. The choices are challenging and funny, yet powerful. The Matrix Resurrections has a lot to prove to the audience, and it has left us satisfied.

The biggest strength of The Matrix Resurrections is in the way the film has all the mystery and excitement of the original while building on top of its legacy with a very different and unexpected storyline.

What was great about this movie was how Wachowski kept the essence of the past sequels and created a modern and unique take on the story.

Events from the sequels like Agent Smith infecting the Matrix, the Architect revealing the nature of The One, Trinity dying on the way to the Machine City, and Neo brokering a peace deal with the Machines… all of these threads play a huge part in the complex narrative, and yet, the narrative also stands alone.

The biggest component of the movie is nostalgia. It plays a crucial role in the movie, both from an internal and external point of view of the story, Wachowski is very careful about when to hit those notes. She drops footage from the other films throughout, highlighting both key moments in the action and the emotional journey of the characters, while also bringing the audience back to that time when they first saw the original films, which made the movie truly memorable.

The story is complex and weird and not comparable to its earlier versions, but it works, just like all the other Matrix movies in the past, What you also expect are huge action sequences and groundbreaking visual effects, both of which are on display in Resurrections. 

The real heart of this movie is the love story between Neo and Trinity. What’s interesting though is that the dynamic in the Matrix trilogy was usually about Trinity doing whatever she needed to do to support Neo, but in The Matrix Resurrections, that dynamic has shifted completely were now the driving force behind Thomas/Neo’s journey in this story is finding a way to save and free Trinity. 

Exploring these new aspects of their characters allows both Reeves and Moss to do something different in Resurrections that we haven’t seen before, and both of their performances are excellent and you can see how hard they have worked and look amazing and fit for their age, which was admirable about them.

Also not to forget a memorable performance by Neil Patrick Harris as the ‘Analyst’ and Jessica Henwick as ‘Bugs’

The Matrix Resurrections may not work for everyone, but I know that it definitely worked on me!

Must watch in cinemas to enjoy the Matrix experience!

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