How I Named My Blog?

The most common thought going on every newbie blogger’s mind is what should they name their blog? this is a question I get asked frequently on my Instagram DM’s and emails from my blog readers.

What I notice quite often is how seriously and pressurized they feel in coming up with a blog name as if they were naming their child, this I understand and feel for them. Because naming a blog is not a joke it will be your brand, it will be your image, and above all a representation of ‘You’.

I figured it’s time I tell my story and share my journey on how I named my blog, and this may inspire you or help you in some way to have an understanding of what goes behind naming your blog.

Working for the corporate world for 10+ years and shifting my whole passion and interest to working on myself was a bit of an overwhelming task. Especially if you’ve been working for a long time, the mere question of ‘What would I like to do?” “What is my true passion” were questions pondering on my head constantly.

After going through a self-discovery journey and trying to tap into ‘Me’ to answer these questions. What I realized was, I wanted to share my journey to women globally, promote body positivity and diversity on all my platforms.

Because I was going on and off with fertility issues and PCOS, losing weight was such a struggle, where my weight was on yoyo mode. Loosing and gaining and this was a constant struggle I was going through and the process of trying hard to get pregnant was wearing me off and depressing..

That’s when I came across many body positive influencers and bloggers from the US who were so beautiful, they were from different backgrounds, culture, colored women, fashionable and inspiring, and above all so carefree, and this was something that struck me. My main goal was to be happy and carefree and share my body positive experience through Lifestyle and Fashion, and to be able to inspire women like me globally.

I did not want to limit my blog to only fashion, instead to share my journey and daily life I had to keep it very open, which made me think of “Lifestyle”. since lifestyle blogs showcase a particular way of living. to share one’s opinions, creativity, ideas, inspiration, give solutions and most importantly to emotionally connect with the reader.

I also wanted to showcase ‘ME‘ as a brand and thought the word ‘Lifestyle’ and ‘Sarah’ just fit right! And in terms of the look and feel of my blog I made a list of 5 pointers that I felt would help the blog to represent Me.

  1. Feminine and Classy
  2. Easy to Navigate
  3. Easy to Search
  4. Calming
  5. Chic

After the design and layout using WordPress of course, checking on my URL and domain availability and a lot of brainstorming it happened, my blog was born and named Lifestyle with Sarah!

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