Summer Picnic

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Sarah Shafni

The UAE temperature is expected to take a shift by August 24th as the appearance of the Suhail star marks the beginning of the end of the scorching summer heat, this is good news for us which means we can now consider starting with our outdoor activities and especially now would be a good time for a Summer Picnic!

It doesn’t take a lot of planning, just a little bit of preparation is all you need for a memorable and romantic picnic date.

Being our ‘First Time Meeting Eachother’ anniversary week, Hubby and I decided to bond with each other & nature for a change, besides we were just getting bored of staying indoors or going to places that were indoors. We missed the trees, flowers, and the green grass touching our feet.

We took the plunge to go for an outdoor early morning summer picnic. And man we were glad we did, despite the weather being slightly hot the trees were the perfect shade and light breeze and chirping birds were music to our ears. We so needed this, and we weren’t going to let the weather stop us connect with nature.

To enjoy a great summer picnic, we need to make note of a few things to help us enjoy better the overall experience.

Pick a Spot
Choose a flat spot, has a few trees to provide shade, and offers a great, or relaxing, view.

A picnic is only as good as the food! Make sure you choose food that’s packable, Chilled, fresh, and doesn’t require a lot of utensils. Choose a menu that ranges from savory to sweet. It’s always a treat to get fresh produce. I opted for Gulf Fruits for fruits and veggies, they have the best, high quality and fresh produce.

From their berries, melons, pomegranate, grapes, and kale everything was in mint condition! And only helped make the experience more enjoyable and refreshing. Stocking on fruits and crunchy chilled veggies helped us stay cooler, I had fruit platters and veggie Crudettes with garlic and mayo dip which was tasty, light, and refreshing.

Summer Floral Centrepiece
A picnic centerpiece is just perfect for a special occasion. It adds a festive, romantic, and vibrant feel. Plus it also acts as a natural air freshener with all the food around.

I was in love with the amazing summer floral centerpiece by Black Tulip Flowers, I’ve known them for real long ever since my corporate days, I’ve always ordered flowers from them for special occasions and birthdays. Their affordable, on-time delivery and got perfect flowers for any occasion.

They created the perfect summer floral centerpiece with sunflowers, Lillies, and roses. They were so pretty that even the bugs in the park couldn’t get enough of them! 🙂

Use mason glasses and jars
What I love about mason jars is that they give a pretty & vintage aesthetic.They’re great for storage particularly since they’re airtight and watertight and hold the layers of a salad or composed meal intact, and because they’re clear, you can easily see what’s inside.

Sealed Mason Jar – Ideal for Salads

I used a cute seal storage jar for my Kale and Apple Salad.
In case you want the recipe for the salad.


• 3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

• 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

• Kosher salt

• 1 bunch kale, ribs removed, leaves very thinly sliced

• 1 apple sliced and cubed

• 1 tbsp honey


Whisk together the lemon juice, olive oil, honey, and 1/4 teaspoon salt in a large bowl. Add the kale, toss to coat and let stand 10 minutes.

While the kale stands, slice and cube the apple int. Add the kale. Season with salt and pepper and toss well.

You can never go wrong with packing sandwiches for picnics, what’s best is a mini sandwich platter, I got my platter from union cooperative they had a variety of sandwiches from falafel, chicken, and salami. They make a pretty picnic spread and most importantly delicious!

Picnic Essentials

• Picnic Basket

• Cheese Board

• Napkins & Tissues

• Utensils

• Ceramic plates

• Ceramic ramekins

• Mason jar glasses

• Picnic Sheets

Additional Stuff to take with you

• Portable Fan

• Rubber mats

• Cushions/Pillows

• Card games

We had a great time. from eating, playing cards, and just talking. It was a great experience and a great view with all the trees, birds and grass around us. It was just the moment we needed to connect with nature for our wellbeing.

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