Huda Beauty Wishful Masks

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@hudabeauty Thirst Trap Cocoon Mask, and Chin Lift Sculpting Mask are the latest fad in skincare and sure to be a hit with beauty and skincare fans! . . The two masks are perfect for home pampering, so if you've looking for something to make you feel a bit more at home, this could be just the thing. . . ▫️The Thirst Trap Cocoon Mask transforms a dry, dehydrated complexions through a mix of nutrient-rich ingredients including Hollyhock Rose Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate and Aloe Vera. . . The skin saving mask aims to boost your complexion with the natural properties of Rose and Aloe Vera, which will boost your skin with moisture for a more supple appearance. . . ▫️Huda Beauty's unique Chin Lift Sculpting Mask, which pretty much does what it says. . . It uses a cooling hydrogel to tighten the skin, and a strong lifting tape to help physically redefine the jawline. . . And is perfect for an Insta-selfie whilst you're wearing it. . . Both masks are available from @hudabeautybeautyshop @sephoramiddleeast . . #ad #hudabeauty #wishfulskin #wishful #skinproducts #skincareroutines #skincare#chinlift #chinliftmask #hudabeautymask #wishfulbeauty#hudabeautyshop #hudabeautyproduct #healthyskincare#skintips #partofskincareroutine #careroutine #hudacare#makeupstuff #makeuplover

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