How to Transform your summer outfits to Autumn/Winter

how to transform your out
Though in Dubai, we don’t have Autumn as a season, you can still see Autumn vibes around from coffee shops showcasing their pumpkin spice lattes, cooler temperatures, and outfits in malls and boutiques transitioning to winter wear, so what’s not to love? Well, if you have a pretty tight clothing budget, the change in seasons might not be all that welcoming. You stocked your summer wardrobe with breezy dresses and standard-issue flip-flops, so what happens when the weather cools off?

Don’t fuss if the changing window displays at your favorite stores remind you that you’re not ready for fall. Chances are that you already have great outfits or pieces for a great autumn wardrobe already in your closet. By adding a few key pieces and wearing your summer staples in different ways, you can survive the transition!

The easiest way to make your summer pieces more fall appropriate isn’t to ditch them but to be creative and use them in new ways. Here are some of the simplest ways to stretch your wardrobe and make all your summer favorites work for fall/winter as well.

Invest in a Statement Jacket/Blazer

I love spending my fashion budget for jackets, blazers, capes, and shrugs! These are very useful to help contour your look and style, they are versatile and can be used above summer dresses and tops making them very fall appropriate.

You don’t have to splurge on expensive jackets if you’re tight in budget, opt for pieces for affordable online stores such as SHEIN, they have a whole world of jackets and blazers which are perfect to style.

If you have an expensive taste, my advice is to purchase one statement-making jacket that really stands out but goes with all of your summer clothes as you transition into fall.

Wear Tights or leggings

Adding tights or leggings to your outfit can be a fun way to play with pattern, color, and texture for the fall. By wearing tights, you have a way to extend the life of your favorite summer skirts and dresses. Look for opaque tights, A pair of black textured tights worn with your favorite summer floral dress or skirt can make a perfect Fall Outfit Goals!

If you’re not into tights, try leggings. Some styles look a lot like pants but have tons of stretch. They’re perfect to wear under your summery tunics , long sweaters or long tops for more a more modest look, while still staying fashion-forward.

Boots is a Must this season!

Boots are an autumn staple that easily makes all of your summer outfits warmer, comfortable and functional. By either purchasing a few pairs of expensive or lower-cost fashion boots, you’ll extend everything from dresses to jeans, to shorts.

Try wearing skinny jeans with boots and a leather jacket, or for a more feminine look go for a summer dress with knee-high boots and a leather jacket. Add over-the-knee boots and a chunky sweater for a “street style vibe.”  Boots are the perfect footwear to stretch your wardrobe, so allocate some of your fall fashion budgets on purchasing a couple of pairs in different heights.

Use your Summer Dresses & Maxi’s

Those long summer dresses and maxis were very easy to wear and cooling for those hot summer nights. But before you pack them away, try to get creative and refashion them by wearing them with long sleeves, this would make the perfect modest look! the trick to wearing a maxi dress in the fall is to layer up with either a blazer, leather or a denim jacket and then define your waist to offer added structure. This will result in a very comfortable yet stylish fall look!

I hope these tips help you reconsider ditching your summer outfits and instead help you to be more creative with your fall styling. Just remember to ignore all the fashion rules and just do what makes you happy and comfortable.

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