Zara Home – A Life of Simplicity – Look Book

The home, a portrait of its owners. An essay in balance, filled with carefully curated contents from the past and present, quietly telling the story of your life. It is refined, it is harmonious, and it is serene.

Plentiful yet restrained, subtle yet elegant, this collection presents a timeless balance, set in the grandeur of simplicity; helping you create your own sense of serenity.

โ€œIn cooking as in all the arts, simplicity is the sign of perfection.โ€ Curnonsky

Cooking and entertaining are an expression of love, and just as for a potter who sculpts clay, the skill is a craft and the creation of a work of art.

A place to cook, gather and share, the kitchen will forever be the heart of the home, where memories are formed and where preparation and execution are to be enjoyed as much as the meal itself. A space that hums the atmosphere of the home, the kitchen is a reflection of the owners and a place that they are able to find more of themselves.

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