What I wore – Dubai Modest Fashion Week

The Dubai Modest Fashion Week was an unforgettable Fashion Week! From fashion runways, meeting International fashion designers, workshops and talk shows! it was a fashion festival!

You can read about the event on my earlier article here

In this post, I shall be covering what I wore on those 4 days

VIP Welcome Party – Private Island

Since it was an island party, and we had no idea where we were going and plus it was very cold while waiting for the yacht to pick us up, I was glad I wore something that tried to keep me warm!

I wore a sequined and striped wrap dress as a blazer from Splash Fashion, along with a black embellished top and culottes, I felt this would add a more resort vibe to my outfit.

My textured black metallic clutch was from Splash Fashion and my Heels were from Zara, which I felt paired perfectly with my outfit.

Outfit & Accessories- Splash Fashions
Shoes – Zara
Makeup – @ashyreem

Day 1 – DMFW

Day 1 I decided to go with a bang! a 70s disco themed flowy gold and violet cape, it was a very different outfit something I don’t usually wear, but my very talented (FAB) fashion designer ‘Fatima Abdul Aziz’ from Bahrain decided to do something different! And boy did it work. It was the first time I was wearing a jumpsuit and I must say I found it very comfortable.

Outfit – FAB Fashion
Shoes & Accessories- Steve Maden
Makeup – @ashyreem

Day 2 – DMFW

I was obsessed with this gown from Designer Lina Mane, (L’Mane) I never wore anything in bright orange, but this was actually a blood orange shade and went so well with the Cream embossed jacket which was custom made for me. It was made of raw silk, and gave me the perfect princess vibes!

Outfit – L’Mane
Accessories- Splash Fashion
Makeup – Bobbi Brown

Day 3 – DMFW

On the last day, I wanted to end it special since it was my first time moderating a talk show, I wanted to go for a vintage yet classic look. Luckily eshakti stepped in to dress me up with this amazing rose printed ball gown, which was just the perfect way to end my last day. The gown was made from raw silk and I never knew a gown could be so comfortable like this, it gave such a red carpet look for the night!

Outfit – eshakti
Accessories- Dior
Makeup – @ashyreem

I hope you liked the outfits shown here, I was lucky to collaborate with Body Positive Fashion designers and brands and would like to take this opportunity to thank them for making my event special.

Let me know which of these outfits you liked? Comment below.

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