IVY Naturale – Goat Milk Hair and Skincare Review 🐐

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Did you know that goat milk has a number of proven benefits that have been shown to help relieve irritable skin conditions, and nourish all types of skin and hair issues in general.

Goats milk is ultra-moisturizing
The cream found in goats milk has a high-fat molecule which makes it very moisturizing and helps keep the skin naturally soft and hydrated. Its moisturizing qualities also help soothe the skin.

Contains skin-loving vitamins
Goats milk is full of nutrients, such as:

Vitamin C –  which gives skin strength and promotes collagen production which fights dryness and wrinkles.

Vitamin D – Prevents skin damage and premature aging of the skin, vitamin D is mostly added in creams and lotions for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin E –  lives in and protects cell membranes, which form a barrier around cells to keep them healthy and hydrated, it indirectly helps skin stay moisturized and supple. 

Its PH is similar to human skin
Our skin loves the moisturizing effects of goats milk because the pH level this ingredient is extremely close to our skin. The similarity in pH levels also helps to protect the skin from bacteria and chemicals.

Now that we have some basic background on the benefits of Goat Milk, I’d like to introduce you to a new skincare brand called the IVY Naturale from Malaysia which I’ve been given to review, and I must say I’ve been looking forward to this product as I’ve never had a goat milk skin/haircare product before.


About the Brand:
IVY Beauty was incorporated in November 1999 in Malaysia, with a mission to provide quality, value added, and value for money toiletry products so they become one of the fastest growing toiletries company in the past 35 years.

Products I’ve received:



Enriched with Goat’s Milk that not only supplements moisture to the outer layers of hair but also slows down moisture loss at the same time. Goat’s Milk contains protein to help nourish hair, giving it strength and body and helps prevent dryness, brittle hair and split ends. Also enriched with UV sunscreen to protect hair from damaging effect of the environment which makes it Ideal for dry hair.

My experience:

I’ve tried many shampoos, and have reviewed them as well from renowned and popular brands to average ones. Each one has their own goodness in their own way. I was very curious before testing the product, for some weird reason my main criteria before all the goodness of the product is the fragrance!

No matter how good the product is if it stinks it’s not going on my hair! that being said I was pleasantly surprised by how good the product smelt, it was like baby powder so fresh and clean so that was a major winner for me!

The shampoo was moist and lathered very well into this moisturizing foam, which was a refreshing experience during my shower, I could instantly feel this moisture bomb on my hair, this was exactly what I needed, the goodness of goats milk and argan oil was the much-needed treatment for my hair this winter!

After towel drying my hair and then blow drying I could feel my hair was much more hydrated than what it usually would be, in fact by the end of the day my hair looked much healthier instantly, my natural curls looked way better than how it usually was before. This product was definitely a winner for me!


The conditioner supplements moisture to the outer layers of the hair and prevents moisture loss from within, leaving your hair extra soft and smooth. Its protein nourishes your hair and strengthens its strands while rich moisturizers soften and protect your hair from damaging effects of the environment.

My experience:

The conditioner too smelt refreshing and felt very light on my hair, it was a perfect combination with the moisturizing shampoo keeping your hair 24 hours moist! My hair was feeling extra smooth and soft. It controlled the frizziness that I usually get due to exposure to heat and environment. But this conditioner was perfect to tame my hair and bring out its natural moisture.

A deep moisturizing body shampoo enriched with Goat’s milk that leaves skin soft, smooth and supple. It moistures the skin and slow down moisture loss at the same time.

My experience:

Once I was done with the shampoo and conditioner and was already super impressed with the products, my next test was the goat’s milk body wash.  I was impressed with how all these products had a very clean fragrance which I love! this body wash was extremely hydrating locking in my skins natural moisture and above all, you could feel your skin brighter and softer!

My Verdict for these products:

I never knew the goodness of goats milk and its benefits, especially during the winter times when your skin is prone to dryness and your hair prone to lose its moisture. Ivy Natural is definitely a product you should try out, for sure you will notice the difference instantly a much-needed moisture packed shower pampering for you!

These products are available in



Union Cooperative Society – Hypermarkets.

Retailing for around –  27 AED

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