What are Interviewer’s actually thinking?

I’ve been working with recruitment for a long time with an established organisation, it’s interesting to see how intimidating an interview can be for some people, and I do feel for them and understand how getting the dream job means the world to the candidates and some of them try so hard they fail at the interview. I’ve also seen how some candidates have panic attacks or stuttering during interviews.

Candidates think interviewers are blood sucking vampires! and intentionally want to fail you. But that’s never the case, candidates sometimes fail to understand the concept behind the interview questions.

For me an ideal interviewer’s job is to help the candidates calm down, and not intimidate them, to help them relax and be themselves obviously in a professional manner.

I’ve collated a few information which I think would help you better understand the mechanism of an interview and the motives behind it.

   Questions Interviewers ask                                   What they actually want to know?

  1. Tell me a bit about yourself?   —>  Tell me a few random things , not your life story
  2. Why are your interested in this job? —> Are you here only for the pay?
  3. What are your strengths? —>  Tell us a  list of reasons, we don’t have to                                                                                          micromanage you and your selling point.
  4. What is your greatest weakness? —> Areas you need developing, and how the                                                                                        company can help you. Do not use standard                                                                                  answers such as “I’m a workaholic”.
  5. Why should we choose you for this job? —> What makes you better than the other 5                                                                                          candidates I’m seeing today?
  6. Tell me about a time when you and your co-worker disagreed? —> Are you going to come nagging to us every time your co-worker disagrees? or will you handle this maturely like grownups?
  7. Why do you want to leave your current job? —> what will make you leave this job as well? Since turnover is expensive.
  8. Do you have any questions for me? —> You can actually ask me a question and no need to panic!


So remember for your next interview, there’s always a reason interviewers ask you these questions and keep this in mind to help you better answer them! 🙂

Thank you for reading!





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