Reminders! 🔔

There’s just too many things to remember these days! More like an information overload to our brains and this results in meltdowns ,where we tend to forget important things.
Remembering friends birthdays are difficult so people add them as reminders onto their calendars so they don’t have to face an embarrassing situation!

Reminders for Important documentations, Events. Occasions, contract renewals or even food reminders for their expiry date!!

Have you ever opened your fridge and realized that your favorite yogurt has expired 3 days ago already? I hate that feeling when I have to throw away the foods that I haven’t eaten or finished yet.

Since I tend to have a memory of a goldfish these days, I’ve come across some useful ideas to stay ahead of the remembering game!

I’m sure most of you are already doing this, but for those who are not here are some life-saving tips!

Birthdays and Special Occasions
Add reminders to your mobile calendar, enter your event/occasion and add as a recurring event, this way it reminds you every year, and you have the option to put an end date to it.

Food Expiry Date Reminders

Again you can add this as a reminder to your mobile if you are not a techy person you could add stickers to your food expiring the same day. If you would like to get free printables of an ‘Expires Today’ sticker template please subscribe to my blog!



You can sign up with an app/site called Aladdin Pro, this site is an awesome site for small time businesses or entreprenurs who need help with reminders for important documentations for their companies.

This app is quite simple, you enter in your document type and the expiry date, this will come to you as a notification onto your desktop and email, this can be a very useful tool for your small businesses as well.
Simple Step by Step Process to enter a reminder


Simple looking Dashboard, which displays a calendar and clearly indicates which documents are Expiring, Critical, and Expired

aladdin pro app1
Life Reminders

For more generic kind of reminders, I tend to use the life reminders app which can be downloaded on Playstore from an Android phone and I’m sure you get this in apple store as well. A very simple reminder for any occasion!

Hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful!

Thank you for reading!



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