Aloe Vera Mask – Review


I bought myself an Aloe Vera masks from The Face Shop (Dubai) from Sahara Centre. Since the heat is catching up in Dubai it would be nice to have some home spa treatment and treat me to some nice DIY facial and cool off with an Aloe Vera mask.

So I sipped my fresh homemade lemonade, played my spa playlist and read the instructions on the pack


  • Wash face and apply toner
  • Pull out of mask and carefully place on face
  • Remove after 10 – 12 mins

So right after I did the first step, I laid down and placed the mask on my face, it was chilling and refreshing, so I timed myself for 12 minutes and rested with chilled cucumber slices on my eye lids.

Right after my alarm rang and I took off the mask, I felt so good! my skin was soothing and hydrated! the aloe vera extract in this mask helps soothe your irritated skin (Especially with the heat) And this is ideal for sensitive skin, it provides the instant fix and care for any skin type!

I definitely recommend this mask after a tiring day to help soothe your skin from the heat and also provide care to sensitive skin!


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