Marriage Tips


So I’ve been married for 11 years now, having been dating my husband since the year 2000 so makes this a total of 15 years of knowing the man.

I’ve been having an amazing time and life with him, we felt we grew together, learnt together made mistakes together. We even worked together for 10 years. (I know that’s too much together!) lol

But I must say I enjoyed every bit of togetherness with him, I’ve had lots of friends complaining about their husbands or talk negatively about their relationships. I found it very hard to do so, as I was so much and still am so much in love with him.

It would be shocking to know we actually met each other online back in my teens in high school (I’m currently in my early 30s). I wouldn’t call it love at first sight but love at first meeting online, I know that strange to believe. but there was this magnetic connection we had and here we are 15 years together.

I’ve noticed there are a lot of couples who don’t take their marriage as a priority in life, which I think is wrong. Marriage is Gods gift and must not be taken for granted.

I’ve jotted down a few pointers you need to know at your first 5-year marriage stage.

1st year of marriage

1st year is always hard, this is the time you both are getting to know each other and learning new stuff about each other. Be patient, don’t let the little things annoy you, learn to ignore the little annoying things he does. Just remember that you have a person who will love you, care for you and support you all your life.

2nd year of marriage

Your settling down, you will notice there is much more you need to learn about him, you might start noticing him mood swings, his stubbornness, his changing of tv channels. Be patient and learn to have an open communication system where you talk your heart out but at the right time. Tell him before going to bed how that thing upset you, but how you still love him and appreciate him. This will help him realise and will gradually change.

3rd year of marriage

You feel settled and need to focus more on each other, travelling together will help at this stage and bring you closer, and spending time with your friends while he spends time with his help balance your relationship. At the end of the day, there’s nothing more special than having your man want to come back to you and update you about his day and make time for each other from your busy schedule

4th year of marriage

You will focus on priorities for your future, your savings your retirement plans will be part of your discussions, how you want to manage your budget for the next coming year, and a sense of stability will start sinking into your relationship. You will feel pleased to know that you have a partner to rely on and share your secure future with.

5th year of marriage

You start thinking of your past with him and realise it was a long journey with him and how much you have learnt out of this relationship. You learnt to adjust, communicate better, respect each other more. You start feeling like you both are inseparable and your souls connected, these are signs of a good healthy and strong marriage.

Remember it’s always important to remind yourself to:

  1. Make your spouse a priority
  2. Respect each other
  3. Make time for each other
  4. Be grateful for each other
  5. Appreciate each other
  6. Listen carefully to your spouse
  7. Help your spouse relax after a hard day at work
  8. Take time to act like kids, have fun!
  9. Travel together
  10. Have frequent date nights!


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