ST GILES – Stylist – Fine Fragrance


If a perfume could emit a fragrance of sophistication and style, the ST Giles fragrance would be the one. I’ve tried many fragrances in my lifetime, from branded ones to local ones, there’s very few that stick to me, very few that understand my personality. I don’t like fragrances that overwhelm me and take over instead I admire fragrances that bring the inner me out in style and confidence.

ST Giles, “Stylist” Fragrance was the perfect choice, striking the perfect balance of my character, and my passion for fashion this fragrance is ideal for my daily use, perfect for day and night! I don’t have to switch perfumes, which I usually do, alternating between two fragrances, but ST Giles “Stylist” is perfect for both day and night!


The Creative Director for ST Giles fragrance Michael Donovan has created 5 fragrances in the collection:

  1. The Writer – The scent of inspiration, with fresh ginger, rosemary absolute and note of castoreum
  2. The Tycoon – The scent of success, with pomelo, spiced woody cypriol, and a chypre base.
  3. The Stylist – Dressed to impress with coordinated separates of run and mango trimmed with vanilla cream.
  4. The Mechanic – Celebrates the physical with patchouli, leather and hot rubber.
  5.  The Actress – Make an entrance with lily, orchids and vanilla custard.

The St. Giles collection has been created to stimulate and amplify the many different aspects of our character. This wardrobe of fragrances celebrates the parts that make us who we are, fusing the reality and the fantasy.


Check out the ST Giles collection at:

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