Modest Fashion Styling Tips – Desert Cove πŸ’–

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Just because of winter now, it doesn’t mean you need to load up on your bulky fuzzy sweaters and look all piled up!

Most of us are confused on styling tricks in winter since summer was easier with all the cotton tops and lightweight clothes with very minimum effort in styling them.

During winter it can be hard for some to make an effort to style their winter outfit not because they don’t have the right items, but more to do with not knowing how to style or put the outfit together.

Have you heard of Modest Fashion? As per google the term modest fashion is:

The term modest fashion refers to fashion trend of wearing less skin revealing clothes. Beyond the various interpretations, and the idea that modest fashion means loose clothing, comfortable dressing and covering of the body according to person’s own comfort.

What the world needs to realize is that you don’t have to wear hijab to be modest, I have friends who aren’t Muslim, who are very modest and who
don’t wear the hijab. It’s not a one-size-fits-all term.

– Halima Aden to (Vogue Arabia)

The misconception about modest fashion is that it only caters to Hijabi’s and Muslims, which is not true. There are many celebrities who carry modest fashion gracefully such as Angelina Jolie, Amal Alamuddin, Kate Middleton & Emma Stone.

This winter there is no better way to style yourself than tapping into modest fashion style and the best part of it is it’s just perfect for winter!

Desert Cove a fashion label catering to both Hijabi and Modest Fashionistas has some trendy and affordable clothing to help you this winter and better yet to funk up your winter wardrobe.

Here are a few looks I’ve styled with Desert Cove tops and how I’ve used Layering to transform the looks into something comfortable yet stylish, which would be ideal for winter!

THEME – Movie Time or Girls Outing!
Desert Cove (Burgundy Top)

With this look instead of a Denim Jacket, to make it more comfortable and flowy I used a long Denim Shirt to give it a more lightweight, yet warm enough for winter days
this look can be used for Day and Night! paired with black stocking (temperature controlled) which helps keep you warm and pair it with suede boots.
THEME – Girl Boss
Desert Cove (Burgundy Top)

For this corporate look layered the top with a sleek blazer, black stocking, and pointed heel shoes. This look doesn’t just ooze sophistication but just perfect
for your meetings and daily work look.

This top was used for 2 looks (Casual & Formal)


Theme – Fashionista + Streetstyle
Desert Cove (White Top – Vogue Couture)

This sporty yet funky top with the slogan “Vogue Couture” was all about fashion! I Paired this sporty look with a black leather jacket and black leather boots.
The look was very street style yet very comfortable.

As you can see from these very comfortably styled modest tops you can transform them into anything you want! Very comfortable, lightweight, easily wearable for any size as the material is Lycra! the product is so versatile, all you have to do is be a bit creative
and bring out the fashionista in you and not worry about the cold winter days!

Happy Styling!


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