Fashion Forward Dubai – Season 10 (26th – 28th October) – 2017 πŸŒŸ


Fashion Forward Dubai is an event I always look forward to, this been the 3rd time I’m attending makes me feel very special and honored to attend!

As always the Fashion Forward was at the Dubai Design District, a bigger and better event than last time, you can tell Fashion Forward Dubai gets better and better every year. And the best part was the weather was pleasant enough to be walking around and shifting from one runway show to another.

For a peek at of Fashion Forward Dubai, watch my youtube video here

Collecting my blogger pass from the press lounge and heading straight to the fashion fiesta happening, you can see the street buzzing with fashion influencers and enthusiasts, everyone busy with their mobiles and cameras trying their best to capture the moment on camera!

Rocking Female DJ!

Photographers and videographers doing their best to capture the perfect pose of fashion designers and fashion bloggers, all this makes the environment feel as if you were in a fashion week in Paris! All so special, all so beautiful and above all, so fashionable!

Fashion Forward is a 3-day event, means u need an outfit for 3 days! here’s a look at what I wore for the 3 days.

There’s a golden lesson I learned on my first time at the Fashion Forward show, “Do not wear heels!” if you really want to enjoy the show I’d suggest you wear some funky flat shoes or heels that are thick enough to walk around.

This is not a place to wear your stilettos, yes this would look good on pictures, but remember your going to be in pain as there is so much of walking around and running from one runway show to another can really strain your feet.

The best way is to wear your flat shoes (I know most of you Fashionistas would cringe about this) but I’ve seen how those with comfortable footwear seemed more lively, and enjoying the moment much more than those who were wearing heels!

The Runway shows I attended.

Day 1
Arwa Al Banawai


Courtesy of Getty Images

Essa Walla


Courtesy of Getty Images

Day 2
Atelier Zuhra


Photographed by – Shafni Salih

Anaya Collection


Photographed by – Shafni Salih

Day 3
Jao Rolo


Courtesy of Getty Images

My Look for the 3-day Fashion Forward Event
(Click image for outfit details)

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Had fun promoting Mac Cosmetics Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick!
(Shade – Lady be Good)


After an amazing event, discovering fashion talents and admiring their creative work I just can’t wait for the next Fashion Forward Dubai event!!

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