DIY: Jewelry Organizer 💍

 A great recycle project with an egg carton, don’t throw away your egg cartons there’s so much you could do with them, here I’ll be showing you a DIY of how you can turn an egg carton into a jewelry organizer!

wp-image-680691018jpg.jpgFirst get a large egg carton, make sure it’s a hard plastic one and has a middle row of pillars, these would be the ones you could wrap your necklaces or even place your bangles

wp-image-1176183971jpg.jpgCut the egg carton into 2 rows, where the middle pillars are kept intact, use a craft cutting knife and a scissor, please be careful when cutting you might get a cut if not careful (not ideal for kids, will need adult supervision)


Once you are done the cutting, cover the edges with a colorful washi tape, this will seal the edges and keep safe from getting any cuts, tape the edges from the beginning of the row till the end.


That’s it! Now you can wrap your necklaces on the pillars or even place your bangles, and the little pockets you can sort your earrings and rings.

A cheap and creative way to keep your jewelry organized!

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