DIY Project: Chalkboard Labels 📜

It’s always nice to have an organized kitchen and labels definitely come in handy when it comes to a neat appearance and helping you stay organized.  I was browsing through the net thinking of unique ways to label stuff in my kitchen. I came across a lot of people talking about chalkboard labels! It seems to be an ‘IN’ thing in the DIY world and they’re so many DIY projects promoting chalkboard label tutorials,  especially for organizing your kitchen and laundry room!

Most of the chalkboard labels ask you to start off with a chalkboard paint, which I find kind of expensive especially for a one-off project, then I also found a couple of sites giving you tutorials on how to make your own chalkboard paint. I don’t think I can bother to go through all that just for a label so I thought of an easier way to create my own chalkboard labels with paint! It was quick and easy.

What you will be needing for this project:

  1. Black acrylic water based paint
  2. White stick label sheet
  3. Wide paint brush
  4. Craft cutter knife
  5. Piece of thin cardboard (Can be cut off from a cereal box) shaped as a business card
  6. Paint palette


First, paint your white labels black, make sure you double stroke them depending how much coverage your paint gives. Brush strokes should be right to left this gives better coverage.


Use your cutter knife and carefully carve a cardboard into the shape of the template you desire, you can see here the shape I used for my labels.


Use the sides of your chalk and rub on the labels, once the sheet is chalked use a tissue and rub the chalk off the stickers, this gives a chalkboard effect to your stickers. Now you can draw the border using your template and name your stuff!



This gives a very classy and vintage look to your kitchen and was very easy to make!

By the way, I love the chalks I got from Daiso, I started doodling like a kid every black background I saw! Hopefully, this doesn’t annoy hubby! :))

Hope you find this post useful and maybe motivate you to start organising!

This is not only for the kitchen but you can use this for your closet, makeup draws, kids draw etc! Get creative! 🙂

Thank you for reading!a10c3795-9b3e-4536-89af-3f94efcf2426.png





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