Smart Phone Photography


I totally agree with this quote from Justin Blaney.

Most of my photographs on my blog and Instagram are from my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smart phone, I know it’s shocking but you can actually take really good and professional pictures with your smartphone.

I’m currently using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the clarity of the camera, is as awesome as of a professional camera.

Tech details of my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smart phone camera:

  • Rear Camera
  • 16 MP / F1.9
  • Smart OIS / VDISAuto real time HDR
  • Auto real time HDR
  • 120ΒΊ Wide Selfie Angle
  • 5 MP / F1.9
  • VDIS

Now that this sounds like tech gibberish to most of you. Let me get down to the features of the smart phone.


Now most of you like myself are guilty of going crazy with our selfies, now there’s nothing wrong with that. I believe selfies capture your moment, good times spent together, there’s nothing wrong with that. Obviously, the crazy trend started off with Kim Kardashian and next thing you know every person was having a selfie moment on Instagram!

The smart phone has advanced technology with a range of professional filters which ensure your pictures turn out great, you could even set a mood for your selfies, with lighting, effects and choose different modes.


In-built Makeover!!

Helloo, we all edit our pictures before posting them onto social media, that’s how we girls roll! Anyways we used to use different apps or software’s to glam ourselves up with flawless skin and edit makeup!

Well, guess what this mobile has an everything in-built!!

You don’t have to edit your pics anymore to take off that pimple or erase that mark, this camera has you looking your best! all you have to do is click!


Well, I’m guilty of taking pics of every attractive meal I have, my hubby gets really annoyed by this. the moment the waiter serves our meal I stop him “wait let me take a pic!!” he grumbles like a wild bear LOL but understands my passion for photography and Instagram LOL, I’m blessed to have a patient hubby like him.

The smart phone has a separate mode for taking pictures of food, where the quality of your picture is much brighter and attractive, these pictures turn out great for Instagram pics using hashtags #foodporn #foodgram are ideal for these pics lol.

Ikea Lunch

Action ready pictures,

Whether you want to snap that MJ moonwalk move, or a bungee jump this mode takes less than a second to snap that high adrenaline moment! what better way to freeze that moment!

Me and Hubby with our Kungfu pose LOL

My Opinion

Now for me the smart phone is a good option since I don’t like walking around with a bulky camera on my neck all the time, I find it easier to take my smart phone with me everywhere I go, be it for walks with hubby, moments with family , shopping or cafe its much easier for us ladies to use a smart phone camera than a professional one.

I guess when you want to go all pro and to choose photography as a career, then you surely must go for the professional ones. But for now, I’m just an ordinary girl who likes to capture my special blissful moments on my phone!

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